Four Factors to Consider Before Customizing Your Hoodie

Factors to Consider Before Customizing Blank Hoodies

Factors to Consider Before Customizing Blank Hoodies

“Hoodies” or hooded sweatshirts have become hugely popular in recent years.  Perhaps it’s because they represent an amazing fusion of style and practicality.  However, as fashionable as hooded sweatshirts have become they can be even more fashionable when you customize them.

In this post we are going to share four considerations that you should keep in mind if you are considering customizing your hoodie selection.

Why Hoodies?

One of the great things about hooded sweatshirts is that they are very practical during the winter time and early spring when you want to avoid the bulkiness of wearing a big heavy coat.  This factor alone makes a hoodie more of a “must-have item” for your wardrobe.  This also means if you do not have a set of hoodies in your closet, now is the perfect time to stock up.

Before you go out to buy your hoodies you should know that they typically come in one of two ways- blank hoodies or decorated hoodies.

Blank Hoodie vs. Decorated Hoodies

What’s the difference?  A blank hoodie gives you an opportunity to put your own unique style and flavor onto the hoodie, thereby allowing you to express yourself through your personal style.  A decorated hoodie, on the other hand, usually comes with a significant mark up in price.  That’s why we recommend that blank hoodies to spruce up your wardrobe – so you can add the customization that you like and save money in the process.

What Does Your Custom Hoodie Say About You?

Let’s take a look at what your custom imprinted hoodie says about you. Depending upon what you have printed on it a customized hoodie can express loyalty to your favorite school or team, it can affirm your dedication to a group, family, interest or it can be solely there to make a fashion statement.

Alternatively, if you are a business person you can add your corporate name and logo to your hoodie so that you can promote your business when wearing your hoodie.  Then every time you wear it to a trade show  or other business outing you’re getting free advertising-before you have even spoken to anyone!  The bottom line is that when it comes to custom designing your hoodie there are lots and lots of options.

Rock Bottom T-Shirts Can Help!

The good news when it comes to finding top quality blank hooded sweatshirts for women, juniors and children Rock Bottom T-Shirts has you covered!  Just one look at our blank hoodie selection and you will know who you should be getting them from.

As far as the embroidery side of it, we have published a number of posts about embroidery and applique that you can use as a reference.  Some of these posts were published not by us, but by established applique and embroidery businesses that we arre sure would be glad to help you customize your hoodie with unique applique designs.

We hope that you have enjoyed this post and if you have questions please share them with us in the form of a comment.  Also, don’t forget that you can share this post with your friends by using one or all of the share buttons below.


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  1. These look great. Does anyone know if these are 100% cotton?

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