Looking Back on Fashion Colors in 2011

The Biggest Color Trends of 2011

The Biggest Color Trends of 2011

Now that 2012 is here, this is the perfect time to review last year’s color trends.  Although there were a number of important fashion color developments last year, in this post we are only going to highlight the ones that we feel made the biggest impact on 2011.  Follow along as we recount the top four color trends of 2011.

If there is one statement or theme that we could use to summarize last year’s color trends it would be that last year, designers used color to break from the conventional. Additionally, as we mentioned in our 2011 fashion review post, in 2011 the fashion industry witnessed a color explosion.

Bright and Shiny Colors Loomed Large

Typically when we think of wearing bright or loud colors, we think of it as something that you do every once in a while.  However, if you will recall last year it was much more difficult to find clothes that were not bright.  That was perhaps the biggest color trend of the year.

And although most fashion experts advocate using bright colors only as accents, last year it was different because designers began making the main ensemble pieces in neon colors and pairing them with soft accessories.

Vibrant Prints Took Over the Runways

This trend is somewhat related to us seeing more bright colors last year.  And perhaps the argument could even be made that last year’s loud and vivacious prints represented spillover from the bright color trend.  However, the one thing that is unmistakably true is that last year we saw more out of the ordinary prints than the fashion world has seen in a very long time.  Of course, we still saw our fair share of floral prints.  But unusual prints in patterns such as geometrical shapes, python, leopard, and more stole the show last year.

Stark Color Contrasts

We saw more contrasting colors than normal throughout the whole of 2011.  Typically, this is a trend that designers reserve for the winter fashion seasons.  However, throughout 2011 blatantly obvious colors contrasts became very common.  What’s more interesting is the way that we saw color being contrasted last year.  For example, color contrasts that come from entirely different palettes (like combining warm and cool colors in the same outfit) is usually considered a fashion taboo.  However, this all changed in 2011.

Break from Inspirational Themed Colors

We have talked in previous fashion posts about how fashion designers take their cues from the consumer sentiment.  For example, in 2009 US consumers bought less as a result of the economic situation at that time.  So in 2010 we saw designers responding to this increased consumer anxiety by using a much happier set of colors.  Interestingly, this was something that we saw much less of in 2011.

In closing, last year’s color trends could probably best be described as a year of experimentation.  While it would seem to contrast strongly against some of the more practical fashion trends of last year such as vintage fashion, we still saw a great deal of harmony in last year’s fashions.

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