2012 Women’s Fashion – What to Expect from 2012 Fashion

2012 Women's Fashion Trends

2012 Women's Fashion Trends. Image by CastawayVintage

Each year brings about new fashion trends for the fashion forward to follow. Women’s fashion for 2012 brings about several trends from previous seasons that may continue to carry over into the future. Continue reading as we cover these trends.

Amongst the most noticeable women’s fashion trends of 2012 include all ranges of colors.  Some of them harken back to previous decades for their inspiration but are made more modern so that the trend feel new and updated.

2012 – Upcoming Color Trends

The colors for women’s fashion in 2012 range from the bright and colorful to the quiet and subdued. Clothing will be found in pastels, bright tropical mixtures and neutrals. The most popular color families are in the reds, oranges and yellows; as well as the blues and browns.

Other colors were included in the 2012 collections, but most of the clothing found for women in 2012 had a saturation of these colors. These colors will often be paired in unexpected ways. Like a structured menswear inspired jacket in a pretty feminine floral. Colors can also be paired together in block geometric forms or in patterns to bring more interest to the outfit.

2012 – Upcoming Style Trends

Peplum Skirt

Peplum Skirt. Image by Carbonated

One of the biggest trends in women’s fashion 2012 is the peplum skirt. This is a straight pencil style skirt that has an overlay of a shorter bell, flouncy or ruffled skirt. The peplum skirt first was introduced to women’s fashion in the 1940s and again in the 1980s, when the hit show Dynasty re-popularized the skirt.

This is one of the key items in the women’s fashion 2012 collections. The shorter part of the ensemble is the peplum. The peplum can be shorter and ruffled or it can be a bit longer and straight to form more of a bell shape. These skirts are said to be good for all women because they are so form flattering.

The biker jacket is a big part of women’s fashion in 2012, too. This was also a trend for the 2011 fashion season. The key to the biker jacket in 2012 is that it is tailored to the woman’s body and shape instead of being the more boxy men’s version. Asymmetrical zippers are a big part of the biker jacket along with unexpected fabrics like fleece, wool or tweed.

Additional Combinations

What’s notable about each of the three trends that we’ve mentioned is that each of them seems to have been made just for t-shirt and tank top lovers.  For example, peplum skirts go perfectly with almost any casual t-shirt for women.  Likewise, you could pair a tank top or short sleeve t-shirt with a biker jacket to create an edgy blend of vintage and current fashion looks.

If these are looks that you plan on incorporating into your 2012 wardrobe, Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers high quality affordable women’s tank tops and t-shirts in a wide variety of colors.

Has this helped you to plan your 2012 wardrobe?  Please let us know by dropping a comment below.   Likewise, if you have tips on 2012 women’s fashion, please let us know.  And don’t forget that if you’d like to keep up to date on the latest budgeting and fashion tips be sure to subscribe to our blog bulletin by entering your name and email below!

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