What To Do with Your Leftover Crafting Fabric – Organization and Craft Ideas

Remnant Craft Fabric

Managing Your Remnant Craft Fabric

Over the last two years we’ve done many “how to” craft projects.   If you’ve been following along and trying these projects out, then chances are that you probably have a nice stack of remnant fabric lying around somewhere.  So, how do you keep up with all of these left overs and what do you do with them?  That’s the question that we’ll attempt to answer in today’s blog post.

To address the organization side of this question, we’ve enlisted three veteran applique crafters and asked them what they do.  Here’s what they had to say:

Lydia Roney Wright of Layne James Embroidery & Designs,

“I save pieces that might be large enough to use on another applique design in my applique scrap drawer. Granted, the drawer is almost full, but it makes me feel better to know I’m not being wasteful!

And yes, the scraps do get used–eventually!”

Rosemary Gulledge of Applique Cafe,

“I have so much fabric that most of my scraps get thrown away unless it’s a big enough piece to salvage and use again!

I always seem to cut my piece of fabric for the applique way too big also! A good idea might be to throw them in a scraps basket or jar when you’re done.

You never know when you might need just one little piece of a certain fabric. I have also seen people who tie strips of scraps to a string or rope to create a type of fabric garland.”

Lacey Davis of Lacey Kaye Creations,

“I do a few things…I have a few drawers labeled by color:  red/orange/yellow, green/blue/purple and black/brown/gray/other.

I put the scraps large enough to be used again in these drawers and possibly use them for other appliques, rather than just throwing the cut-outs in the trash.

Then when I need a “gray” piece for the wheel on a tractor or a bunny’s face, I just open the drawer and see what I have that will fit the needed space for the next applique.  Larger scraps are kept in a separate bin for the same purpose :)”

For specific ideas on what to do with the fabric, we have found a wonderful post over at Curbly where their editor in chief, Chris Gardner, shares over 100 remnant fabric craft suggestions.

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8 responses to “What To Do with Your Leftover Crafting Fabric – Organization and Craft Ideas

  1. I keep all scraps that are large enough for an applique or embellishment on a future project. They are stored in a 4 tier wire shelf and there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to their organization. I guess half the fun is digging for them.

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  3. I use up leftovers from jelly rolls (I use them a lot when sewing or quilting) to make easy pincushions made by joining squares. Here’s how: http://www.dotcomwomen.com/crafts/sewing/easy-pincushion-tutorial.shtml. I made several of these and gave away as favors for a ‘crafts exchange’ party I hosted for my girlfriends this Christmas.

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