Three Do It Yourself T-Shirt Scarf Craft Projects from Around the Web

Three Do It Yourself T-Shirt Into Scarf Crafts

Three Do It Yourself T-Shirt Into Scarf Crafts

Since it’s still a bit nippy outside, in most parts of the country, we thought it might be nice to focus on an affordable but fashionable way to stay warm.  And what could be a better way of doing this than sporting a nice trendy scarf?  What’s more is that you won’t even have to go out and purchase this scarf. That’s because today we’re highlighting three different blog posts that each provide step by step instructions on how to turn a t-shirt into a scarf-with absolutely no sewing!

The Infinity T-Shirt Scarf

The first post comes from the Money Saving Queen blog.  In it Jessica shows us, in less than five steps, how to make an infinity t-shirt scarf with nothing more than a single t-shirt and a pair of scissors.  We loved the simplicity of this project; you could probably get it done in less than fifteen minutes.  Just as a quick note, if you choose to try this project, Jessica recommends that you use either an XL or a 2XL sized t-shirt.

Fringe T-Shirt Scarf

The second blog post that we’re highlighting comes from Erica Domesek at the P.S. I Made This blog. Erica’s post shows us how to make a really nifty looking fringe scarf out of a single t-shirt.  Perhaps the most interesting part of Erica’s post is that she shows us how to turn a t-shirt into a fringe scarf using nothing more than the four photos from her project and nine words (twelve words if you count the P.S.’s).

As a side note, even though Erica’s example happens to be a summer scarf, if you used an XL or 2XL t-shirt instead of a large tee like Erica did you could easily make this into a winter scarf.

Loop T-Shirt Scarf

For our final highlight, we’re visiting the Thrifty and Fabulous blog where Erika (that’s Erika with a K, not to be confused with Erica Domesek above) shows us how to make a very classy loop t-shirt scarf.  The best way to describe this scarf is that it looks like a loose necklace made out of large inter-connected loops.  The concept is very similar to Jessica’s Infinity T-Shirt scarf in that you’re cutting a t-shirt into strips, stretching the strips and then connecting them together.

The primary difference is that you’re arranging the strips into circles before connecting them.  The result is something that looks like it came right out of the fashion magazines.  And this is all done in six easy steps.

In closing, we hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s blog round up.  Will you be turning t-shirts into scarves during the remainder of the cold season?  Please let us know and we’d love for you to post any pictures that you take to our Fan Page.


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2 responses to “Three Do It Yourself T-Shirt Scarf Craft Projects from Around the Web

  1. Emma

    Great ideas! I will add these to my list of craft projects.

  2. Thanks Emma, please do feel free to stop back by and share a link to your creations. Thanks again!

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