Children’s Clothes – Children’s Clothes Throughout the Ages

The History of Children's Clothes

The History of Children's Clothes

Over the ages children’s clothing has undergone significant changes.  Perhaps one of the biggest changes in children’s fashion is the fact that until recently the idea of “children’s fashion” didn’t exist.  However, today children’s clothing gets more attention than ever before.  Follow along as we elaborate on the history of children’s clothing throughout the ages.

In centuries of past consumer’s thought of babies and children’s clothing as something that had to last for years and that should be used by both the boys and the girls in the family. It was also supposed to grow with the child as a way to make the clothing last.

Because children’s outfits were usually made with plain cotton they had the same fit on girls and boys.  One reason that kids’ outfits were made this way was to provide easy changing access.  This also helped to ensure that babies wouldn’t outgrow their outfits until they turned three or four years old.  When the child finally outgrew her clothing, her parents usually just handed it down to a younger sibling.

In the twentieth century children’s clothing began to show more personality, but compared to today’s standards it was still very basic. For example, although the designs became more elaborate during this era children’s clothing was still made of much lower cost materials than the materials that manufacturers used to make adult clothes. Additionally, the clothing was either made or bought larger than was needed so the child could grow into it for years to come.

Towards the middle of the last century children’s clothing made another advance.  Manufacturers’ began making it with a length of fabric that was hemmed underneath the garment, so that as the child grew the hems could be let out and lowered. Another thing is that unlike today, there weren’t many children’s specialty stores 40 or 50 years ago. Instead, most children’s clothing was purchased in department stores or had to be made by parents.

Fast forward to the present day and children’s clothes are just as trendy and detailed as adult clothing. Additionally, there are more “just for children” specialty stores than ever before. In fact, some might even argue that children’s clothing is featured more prominently today than adult clothing.

And while it is still possible to find affordable clothing for children, it’s harder to find affordable children’s clothing, that’s also of high quality than it was in previous eras.  Additionally, today it’s less common for parents to buy their child’s clothing more than one or two sizes beyond their child’s current size.

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