Fashion Blogger Highlight – Looking Back on Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Looking Back at Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Although Berlin Fashion Week 2012 is officially over, it’s impact will be felt by the rest of the fashion world for some time to come.  Even though it primarily served to reinforce some of the trends foretold last year, by all accounts Berlin made a huge statement.  In today’s post we’re putting the spotlight on several blog posts that covered the festivities in Berlin.

After reviewing multiple blog posts and photos, we noticed four themes that kept re-appearing at Berlin Fashion Week 2012.

Biker Fashion Expansion

Seeing the prominence that leather played in Berlin Fashion Week venues reinforces something that we were already beginning to see last year.  2012 will be a huge year for biker fashion.  In addition to biker jackets making a splash in Berlin, several blog posts also mentioned seeing an abundance of leather pants, dresses and accessories. Here are a few posts that reflect on the biker trend.

Denim on the Rise

This is something that we’ve spoken about in a prior post where we shared 2012’s up and coming fashion trends.  Denim has been on a gradual upswing for decades.  However, Berlin Fashion Week 2012 confirms that the best days for denim are yet to come.  Here are two posts that seem to support that notion.

Continued Interest in Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns began resurfacing in fashion in 2011.  While in and of itself this is an important trend, we feel that it signifies another important point.  Geometric patterns, in fashion, are like a time portal that transport us back to two separate eras-the 1980’s and the 1960’s.  Judging from the pictures not only were triangles, rectangles and other geometric patterns in heavy attendance at last week’s venues, but they took center stage at the fashion events last week.

The pictures in these two blog posts tell it all.

Colors Take on a Life of Their Own

Although color was big in 2011, it will become the focal point of fashion in 2012.  Interestingly, color has been a centerpiece of fashion for the last few years.  However, what makes fashion colors unique in 2012 is colors no longer need to match or follow accepted fashion norms.

The following posts feature images that paint a better picture of color in 2012.

Each of these trends seem to also foretell a beautiful picture for t-shirts in 2012.  And if you’re looking for t-shirts to complement any of these looks, Rock Bottom T-Shirts has a large selection of trendy women’s t-shirts at affordable prices.

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