Three Prevailing Fashion Color Trends in 2012

Fashion Color Trends 2012

Fashion Color Trends 2012

Each year brings about various changes in fashion color trends.  Sometimes these are major changes and other years the shift in trends is so small that it’s difficult to notice that a change has ever occurred.  After pouring through this year’s fashion and color trend reports, we can definitively say that 2012 is unique.   Continue reading as we share the three prevailing color trends of 2012.

On one hand there are several new color trends.  Yet on the other hand, many of the new trends appear to represent the completion of changes that began unfolding in 2011.

Bold Colors

As was the case last year we’re seeing lots of bold colors in the 2012 fashion color reports.  The difference is that this year’s bold colors seem to speaking a message of happiness and good fortune.  Alternatively, last year we saw bold colors that had more of a disruptive quality to them.

Another key distinction between this year’s colors and last year’s is that last year the colors had a lot of contrast to them whereas this year the colors seem to be more complementary towards each other.

Lively Neutrals

Last year we saw soft neutral colors.  In many instances designers were pairing neutral ensemble pieces together with very loud accessories.  However, in 2012 we’re seeing neutral colors that are vivid enough to stand out on their own. In fact, don’t be surprised if you start seeing outfits made up entirely of lively neutral colors.  It’s a decidedly modern look.

Organic Colors

2012’s colors carry a natural ambience.  In this sense they are almost the mirror image of 2011’s color palettes.  Because whereas last year the predominate palette was a winter palette of contrasts, this year we are seeing a rustic spring (late spring – early summer) palette more reminiscent of beach front colors.  This allows 2012’s colors to take on a look that’s both vintage and modern at the same time.

2012 Color Trend Resources

Here are some of the color trend sources that we based this blog post on:

We’re curious, have you been noticing any of these 2012 fashion color trends so far? Let us know in the comment section please.  And if you enjoyed this post we encourage you to share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter by using the share button below.  Thanks!

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