Valentine’s Day Craft Round Up

Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's Day Crafts

With Valentine’s Day only eight days away we just couldn’t stay away from a Valentine’s Day topic.  But instead of showing you how to save money on Valentine’s Day gifts, this time, we are showing you some of our favorite Valentine’s Day craft project posts from other bloggers.  We hope you find these as inspiring as we did!

The LOVE Shirt

Craft Buds LOVE Shirt Tutorial Post

Image courtesy of Craft Buds

The first post that we’re highlighting is actually a t-shirt craft post.  The post is from Mary at Craftbuds and is titled, LOVE Shirt Tutorial.   We chose to highlight this one because we loved the inspiration behind the craft.  It’s based upon a statue that sits in front of LOVE Park in Philadelphia (The City of Brotherly Love) called the LOVE Statue.

Outside of the design we also liked the fact that this project can be completed in just five steps (only four if you choose to skip stitching around the edges).

I Love Cars Shirt

Another post that we enjoyed reading was from Polly at the Helping Little Hands blog.  Her post is titled, “Car Love Shirt – Distressed Freezer Paper

from the Helping Little Hands Car Love T-shirt post

Image courtesy of Helping Little Hands

Stencilling”. Similar to Mary’s post, Polly’s is also a t-shirt craft post but this post uses freezer paper.  We’re highlighting this post because we just love the way Polly’s shirt turned out.  It ended up taking on a really nice vintage flavor.

This project looks fairly simple, and you can make it into any kind of design you want. However, since there are two separate cut outs that you need to trace out with an Exacto knife, adult supervision would be required.

Love Bug Craft Project

from the Valentine’s Day Craft: Love Bugs post

Image courtesy of Evolving Mommy

The post by Catherine at Evolving Mommy is a non-t shirt Valentine’s Day kids craft.  Her post actually features four separate projects but the one that we liked the most was the Valentine’s Day Love Bug craft project.

When you click on this craft, the link takes you to a separate post that provides the instructions for this project.  We enjoyed the overall simplicity of this project; your little one could probably finish this one in less than 20 minutes.  Outside of that the love bugs are really cute.  In Catherine’s words they’re just “too cute to not be loved”!

Love Letter Cookies

from Baking in Heels

Courtesy of Baking in Heels

The last post that we’re highlighting is a bit different because it’s a food craft.  The Love Letter Cookies post comes from Giselle at the Baking in Heels blog.  This is probably one of the most original Valentine’s Day ideas that we’ve seen, and it’s actually pretty simple to do.

Note: in this case simple doesn’t mean quick because if you include the time that it takes to let the cookies dry this one takes about three to four hours to finish.  Our favorite thing about this project is that someone could look at these cookies and be amazed at your culinary skills when in actuality there are only six steps to the whole project.

We hope that these crafts inspire you to do something creative for your special someone this Valentine’s Day.  And don’t forget that if you’d like to stay current on the latest crafts, saving money or building your boutique clothing craft business to subscribe to our newsletter or RSS feed!

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