Mardi Gras Crafts Round-Up

Mardi Gras Float

Mardi Gras Float. Image by Wikipedia

With Mardi Gras right around the corner, we wanted to do a craft post dedicated exclusively to Mardi Gras.  One of the great things about Mardi Gras is that even if you’re not planning to attend the festivities you can still celebrate from the comfort of your own home.  To help you commemorate Mardi Gras we’re highlighting four unique Mardi Gras crafts from four different sources.

1 – An Oldie but Goodie from Embellished Bayou

Mardi Gras Sign by Embellished Bayou

Mardi Gras Sign by Embellished Bayou

This first post that we’re highlighting isn’t so much a craft post as it is an inspiration for people who like to do their own crafts. It’s called, “Mardi Gras Week: Craft Ideas“. Christy Wilson is the blogger behind this post, and you may recall the feature that we did on Christy’s Embellished Bayou craft business a while back.  Even though there are no “how to’s” in her post the pictures are enough to inspire you to do amazing things with Mardi Gras crafts.

2 – Beaded Flip Flops

Beaded Flip Flops

Beaded Flip Flops by CandyCaneChild

The next craft that we’re highlighting doesn’t come from a blog, it’s actually from the Crafster forum. In her Beaded Flip Flops Tutorial post Candycanechild takes us, step by step, through the process of modifying your flip flops and making them Mardi Gras friendly. It’s quite a novel idea, which is why we love this craft project.  Outside of the fact that you need a hot glue gun to complete this project it looks like it’s really easy to do.

3- Fleur De Lis T-Shirt

Fleur de Lis T-Shirt

Fleur de Lis T-Shirt by Crafts Unleashed

This post comes from Vicki over at Crafts Unleashed. Her post is titled, “Make Your Own Hot-Fix Rhinestone Setter Pattern“. Not only is it one of the very few Mardi Gras t-shirt craft posts online, but she did a terrific job with her instructions and illustrations.  Another great thing about this project is that it could probably be done in under twenty-five minutes

4 – Beaded Mardi Gras Wreath

Mardi Gras Wreath by Stitch Craft Create

Mardi Gras Wreath by Stitch Craft Create

The final post that we’re highlighting comes from the Stitch Craft Create Magazine blog.  Her post is titled, “Beaded Mardi Gras Wreath“. In this post Christy Schmitz shows us we can make a Mardi Gras wreath with a floral wreath, beads, floral wire and a few embellishments.  Even though this craft could easily take an hour or more to complete, we liked it because Christy provided clear and easy to understand instructions. Plus, what Mardi Gras celebration would be complete without a Mardi Gras wreath?

We really hope that you enjoyed our Mardi Gras craft project round-up post. Likewise, if you know of any other stand out Mardi Gras craft blog or forum posts, please add them to our list by dropping a comment. Thank you! As they say in New Orleans, “let the good times roll”!

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3 responses to “Mardi Gras Crafts Round-Up

  1. Had no idea it was possible to turn something as mundane as a flip flop into something “glam!” ha!

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