Five Children’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

Kids Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Kids Fashion Do's and Don'ts

As parents’, we tend to think of kids as living carefree lives.  However, the fact that children have minimal responsibilities doesn’t necessarily make their lives easier.  They must still contend with fitting in, and children’s fashion plays a big part in that.  Here are five kids fashion do’s and don’ts that can help make it easier for both you and your child.

It is an unfortunate reality that kids who dress “differently” are often picked on by other kids. By choosing current fashions for your child, you’re teaching her how to fit into society.  Likewise, you’re also helping her to learn enough about style to form his or her own opinions. Here are some fashion do’s and don’ts for children.

1. Do – Pay Attention to Current Fashion

Pay attention to what other children are wearing.  If you see a lot of children wearing a certain style of clothing, chances are that it’s a popular style and your child will like it.  Another way to be aware of current fashion trends is to pay attention to fashion magazines, online stores and catalogs.

2. Do – Be Aware of Your Budget

It’s true that children outgrow clothes almost as quickly as fashions change.  This is why you never want to spend too much on children’s clothing. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to find fashionable but affordable clothing for kids.

3. Do – Listen to Your Child’s Fashion Concerns

Listen to your child when she talks about children’s fashion. If your child says that everyone in their classroom is wearing this new t-shirt or that new style of jeans, hear them out.

4. Don’t – Be Closed to Your New Styles

As parents, it’s easy to get so comfortable with our own styles that we close ourselves off to up and coming fashion trends.  Try to adopt a more open mind about current fashion trends – your child will thank you for it.

5. Don’t – Overspend on Your Children’s clothes

Just because you want your child to be fashionable does not mean that you must spend an arm and a leg on new clothes.  To the contrary, there are plenty of retailers who offer the latest trends at great prices.  Rock Bottom T-Shirts is a great example of this.

In closing, fashion can be a double edged sword.  On the one hand children have a strong need to “fit in” and fashion can help them gain acceptance amongst their peers.  Yet, on the other hand you also want your child to develop his own style and ultimately become their own person.  So the biggest lesson is to be aware of these do’s and don’ts but also to use your own good judgment when it comes to your child’s clothes.


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    • Hi Candy! Wow, that’s absolutely fantastic! We’re so happy to hear that you were so pleased with everything and we look forward to more wonderful things to come as well! And thanks for dropping by and letting us know!

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