Fall and Winter 2012 Fashion Color Trends Review

2012 Fall Fashion Color Trends

2012 Fall Fashion Color Trends

Today we’re highlighting four upcoming fall 2012/2013 fashion color trends with you.   Similar to our most recent 2012 color trend post, this post is based upon observations from several sources, which we’ll reference at the end of the post.  In a nutshell, the four upcoming fall/winter 2012 fashion color trends that we’re about to share are closely related to four broader fashion trends.   

When it comes to fashion colors, they tend to either drive fashion or be driven by it.  However, every so often there’s a third scenario where they simultaneously influence each other-such is the case with the 2012/2013 Fall/Winter colors.

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The upcoming fall and winter fashion color trends are as follows:

Brilliant shades

Colorful Denim Fabric

Colorful Denim Fabric. Courtesy of Lorna Watt

This fall we should expect to see more bright colors making their way into our wardrobes.  Bold colors have been a major constant of fashion for the past year or so and this year could be the year where that we see this trend peak.

Influence: The recent reemergence of colorful denim wear seems to have set off a chain reaction amongst designers eager to make shirts, jackets and accessories in colors that complement the new crop of boldly colored jeans.

Faded Grey/Olive Tones

Chino Pants/Military Inspired Look

Chino Pants/Military Inspired Look. Image by

Faded grey and olive are both expected to make a great showing in fall/winter 2012 wardrobes.

Influence: The re-surging popularity of chino pants in multiple hues probably has a lot to do with the abundance of grey/olive shades that color forecasters are predicting for the upcoming fall and winter season.  Note: The emphasis on faded grey and olive is often military inspired because of the relationship between chino/twill pants and the U.S. military.

Soft Muted Neutrals

Urban Fashion Look

Urban Fashion Look. Image by Theasijtsma

Consumers should expect to see more outerwear being offered in soft neutral colors.  These colors make a great addition to brightly colored pants and shirts.

Influence: This particular trend goes hand in hand with the rise in popularity of urban fashion.  Urban fashion often combines palettes and tends to contrast soft pastels against sharper hues.

Heavy Burnt Hue Emphasis

Ancient Santorini Wall Art

Ancient Santorini Wall Art. Image by Tyler Karaszewski

Each of the 2012 fall fashion color forecasts that we reviewed referenced at least one burnt hue.  The most referenced of the burnt shades were burnt orange, burnt yellow, green onyx, sea blue, teal and brick red.

Influence: If you look at art from ancient civilizations, more often than not, you see these same sun tinged shades.  In more recent times, these colors have also been popular among the vintage fashion community.


And as you do prepare your wardrobe around these color trends don’t forget that Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers the perfect complement to all four trends;  t-shirts, tanks and hoodies for the whole family in a wide range of colors!

We hope that this post comes in handy for you as you plan your 2012 fall and winter wardrobe.  If you have any questions or comments about this post, please leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to respond.

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