Why You Should Stock Up on Children’s Clothes during the Off Season

Stocking Up on Children's Clothes During the Off Season

Stocking Up on Children's Clothes During the Off Season

It may come as no surprise to you that children’s clothes can be really expensive.  This is especially true, given the fact that children tend to grow out of their clothes rather quickly. As a result, as parents we are always looking for ways to save money on clothes for our kids. In this post we’re going to show you why the best time to find new clothes is during the off seasons.

Sizing Issues

Often the biggest objection that parents have to buying children’s clothes off season has to do with sizing everything correctly.  However, if you do it properly the benefits gained from buying children’s clothes out of season can far outweigh the costs of making a mistake and over estimating your child’s size.Saving Money by Buying Off Season

For example, according to an interview that Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst of the NPD Group, did with ABC News shoppers can save as much as 50 to 75 % off of suggested retail prices by buying from off season sales.

How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Size

Additionally, you could come close to avoiding size mis-matches altogether by estimating how much your child will grow over the next year and going an additional size up. You can look at growth charts online to see when children typically have growth spurts.  If you’re within a certain target range, you can also shorten hems if children don’t grow as quickly as you expected or lengthen them if they grow more than you expected.

The Fashion Objection

Some parents are also concerned that this strategy will lead to their kids not being able to find current fashions. It’s true that children’s fashions change constantly.  However, they don’t usually change drastically within a short period of time.

Children's Fashion

Staying Current on Children's Fashion. Image by Childrens Book Review

Instead fashion changes gradually because society can’t deal with changes too drastic all at once. This should give you an opportunity to buy children’s clothes out of season and expect that they won’t look out of place when your child wears them a year later.

Of course, if you are still concerned about the possibility that this will cause your child to have an unfashionable wardrobe there is something that you can do.  You can shop for a few items that fit your child now and then stock up for next year, as well. This way, your child can be in today’s fashions and not have to miss out, while you still get to save on their wardrobe for next year too.

An Alternate Solution!

If saving money is high on your priority list, then finding out of season clothes for your child is the way to go.  However, there is another option that doesn’t require you to buy clothes during the off-seasons but that still delivers similar savings – Rock Bottom T-Shirts!  That’s because we offer high quality children’s clothes, in the latest styles, at near wholesale prices.  And we offer all our styles year round so you can save on in season and off season fashion!

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