Children’s Fashion – Children’s Fashion Trends to Watch in 2012

Children's Fashion Trends 2012

Children's Fashion Trends

As a parent, it’s easy to take children’s fashion for granted.  Some of us even argue that it doesn’t matter what our children wear so long as they’re clean, warm and comfortable.  However, having an appreciation of children’s fashion can help your child fit in and be accepted among his/her peers.   So to help you navigate the many roads of Children’s Fashion, here are 3 trends we see in store for 2012.

Children’s T-Shirts – A Children’s Fashion Staple

Long Sleeve Tee for Girls or Boys

Long Sleeve Tee for Girls or Boys

Fortunately, most children’s fashion is relatively straightforward. One item that’s always been a staple of children’s fashion trends is the basic t-shirt. Popular colors may change from time to time, but children’s t-shirts are here to stay.

Kids Camo

Long Sleeve Kids Camo Shirt

Long Sleeve Kids Camo

In addition to kids’ tees being popular right now, camouflage patterns are another popular children’s fashion trend in 2012.

Children are not only wearing camouflage on short sleeve t-shirts but they’re also wearing it on hoodies and long sleeve tees as well. No longer is camouflage just about olive green, as a matter of fact you can find camo for kids in bright colors like pink and blue.

Ruffles Have Made it Back

Ruffles have also made a comeback in children’s fashion. Primarily, we’re seeing this with shirts that younger children are wearing.  You can find ruffled t-shirts for girls and toddlers at Rock Bottom T-Shirts.

Ruffle T-Shirts for Girls

Ruffle T-Shirts for Girls

The great thing about t-shirts with ruffles is that they allow girls to express their femininity without the need to wear a dress. This means that girls can have just as much fun on the playground as boys.


An alternate view on children’s fashion is that it offers a constructive avenue to help impact your child’s development.  For example, it can help your child use her imagination.  Children’s fashion can also help your little one develop a sense of identity.  In this sense, your child’s fashion can be seen as “creativity meeting practicality”.

To summarize children’s fashion; it isn’t just about your child being able to blend in with their friends at the playground.  At the end of the day it’s just as much about your child’s safety and comfort as it is about them looking nice.

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