Five 2012 Fashion Trends that Come from 60’s Vintage Fashion

60's Vintage Fashion

60's Vintage Fashion Trends Making a Comeback in 2012

Earlier this week, we published a post that shared our thoughts on the upcoming 2012 fashion color season.  However, afterwards we noticed that so many of the upcoming fashion trends that we referenced are based on 1960’s vintage fashion.  So today we’ve decided to do a post on 1960’s vintage fashion.  Continue reading as we highlight which current fashion/color trends have their origin in the 60’s.

If you’ve been following fashion for a while, you’ve probably noticed how every 15 to 20 years fashion trends tend to repeat themselves. The part that’s probably more surprising is that sweeping never before seen changes in fashion are very rare.  In fact, if history has any say there’s probably only one major change in fashion every 100 years.

Our most recent seismic fashion shift came about in the 1960’s.  That’s the era where consumers and designers challenged everything that had been accepted up to that point as a fashion norm.  We won’t attempt to cover every new fashion trend brought about by the swinging 60’s.  However, we will cover the ones that are attracting the most attention in today’s fashion circles.

The 60's Fashion Movement

The 60's Fashion Movement. Image by

Some of today’s popular styles that began in the 1960’s are:

1. Graphic Prints– Recently designers have been creating dazzling prints in the boldest of geometric patterns and animal prints.  As a result wardrobes have become much more vibrant than we’ve seen in recent years.

Vintage Military Jacket

Vintage Military Jacket

However, as bold and audacious as these prints are, they aren’t new. They actually came to the forefront of Western fashion in the 1960’s.

2. Military Inspired Clothing– Fashion is a form of non-verbal creative expression.  So when the youth of the 60’s began wearing military inspired attire they did it to send a message to the establishment of that era.  And as much as military fashion has progressed since the 60’s, it was already fairly advanced then.  For example, instead of being just about designing olive or camouflage colored attire designers also began making jackets in the military style-double breasted, wide lapels and large buttons.

60's Gender Neutral Look Re-Popularized in 2012

60's Gender Neutral Look Re-Popularized in 2012. Image by Steven Depolo

3. The Gender Neutral Look – As of late, fashion that pushes the boundaries of gender has been very successful.  However, this trend isn’t new either.  As a matter of fact you can trace this trend all the way back to the 40’s. But the 1960’s was the period that made the gender neutral look what it is today.  The 60’s popularized this style like never before through boyish fashion models (Twiggy), pants suits, women’s loafers, gender neutral hairstyles and more.

4. Bold Color Contrasts – In our latest fashion colors post, we referenced the bold color contrasts that showed up in 2012 fall color forecasts.  However, this trend originates from 60’s modernist (mod) fashion.  Mod fashion was a subculture that originated in the UK during the 50’s but that bloomed internationally, in the 60’s.  Mods embraced the high fashion lifestyle.  This fashion movement would later come to be replaced by the hippie fashion movement of the mid to late 60’s.

5. Neon Bright Colors– Today we simply refer to them as bold, bright or vibrant colors and they are nearly everywhere in 2012 fashion!  But when they first hit the hippie fashion scene, in the mid to late 60’s, they had different name- psychedelic colors.

Psychedelic Fashion Colors

Psychedelic Fashion Colors. Image by Ellenm1

A great example of psychedelic colors can be found on the cover of Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced album.


In closing, today’s fashion is full of bold colors, stark color contrasts, audacious prints, military inspired clothing and gender neutrality.  However, these trends wouldn’t be possible without the 1960’s.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and would love your feedback.  Leave us a comment and share your thoughts with us below.


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