Saving Money – Five Remedies to Help You Make It on Less

Remedies for Living on Less

Remedies for Living on Less

Saving money is as important now as ever. Equally important is the ability to find creative ways to save more money. Here are five ways to save more money by living on less.

Cut Your Text Plan - Save Money

1.If cutting out recurring expenditures is difficult, find ways to reduce them. For example, is that unlimited texting plan really necessary?  Instead, how about limiting yourself to a certain amount of texts per month.

Coffee is another example.  Although it’s great to have a cup a day, it’s possible to drink less.  Could you survive on two to three cups a week or just making it at home?

Dine In and Save Money

2. Find creative ways to dine in. Just because you’re cooking at home doesn’t mean that dining can’t be a fun experience. You could have theme nights with your family. You could also buy more affordable cuts of meat and season them to perfection for a delicious low cost meal.

Public Transportation Helps You Live on Less

3. Drive less. These days, we hop in our cars to drive even the shortest of distances. It’s fast and easy, but can get really expensive. Consider using public transportation like the train, bus or subway.  Live close to where you work?  Walking and biking are terrific ways to save money and they’re great for your health too. Additionally, when the world is your gym you no longer need that gym membership!

Live on Less with Coupons

4. Use coupons. Saving money is often as simple as diligently clipping coupons and using them. Your local grocery store might even double certain coupons. You may have to do some research, but you stand to save a lot of money! There’s a reason people love watching TV shows about extreme couponing. You can do the same thing for your household.

Save Money - Buying Wholesale

5. Buy in bulk and buy on sale. Membership clubs often offer deep discounts on all kinds of items that you might need for your home.  This covers items from food to furniture. By taking advantage of deals like these, you can save more and shop less.

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The tips that we’ve covered represent only a small part of what’s possible when you use your own creativity to save money.  We hope that you enjoyed this post and would love your feedback.

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