How to Wear Your T-Shirt in a Business Setting

T-Shirts in a Business Setting

T-Shirts in a Business Setting

Not so long ago we published a post that highlighted the overwhelming popularity of t-shirts. One of the things that we answered in the post is the question of why t-shirts have become so popular. It boils down to three things: they’re simple, versatile and affordable.

However, there’s one problem with t-shirts. The general consensus seems that t-shirts are for recreational setting as opposed to business casual or business formal. So today we’re going to show you a few ways to blend in to more business like settings-in your t-shirt!

The T-Shirt Blazer Combo

The T-Shirt Blazer Combo. By Idhren

Perhaps one of the most common techniques for fitting into more formal settings with your t-shirt is to wear it underneath a blazer. It works best if you go with a dark blazer and a lighter colored or same colored t-shirt.

But the most important element is to make sure that your top layer complements the color of your tee. The look that you’re going for with this presentation is the fashion forward look.

Another technique that you can use is to draw the attention away from your tee and towards your face. There is probably no better way to do this than to wear a scarf on top of your tee.

You can do this one of two ways: a) loosely drape the scarf around your neck or b) treat your scarf more like a tie by wrapping the ends together so that it resembles a bandanna. For added flair you could match the scarf color to your socks.

T-Shirt with a Necklace

T-Shirt with a Necklace. Image by InExtremiss

A variation on the scarf concept is to use a necklace instead. For example, you could sport a long silver necklace with links and an emblem on top of your t-shirt.

Alternatively to give your t-shirt a more formal look you could go with a focal pendant on a smaller cord. Top it off with a blazer to add the finishing touch.

Of course, it will be difficult for you to make any of these looks work if you don’t have the right shoes. So unify your elements with the right pair of shoes. You want a pair that matches one of your other accessories. This could be a pair of boots, flats or heels.

Have you ever seen someone pull off wearing a t-shirt in a business setting?  Or do you have anything that you’d like to add?  Either way, please let us know.  Also, don’t forget that  you can keep up with the latest applique, budgeting and fashion tips by checking out our bi-weekly blog bulletin –

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