How to Re-Purpose a T-Shirt into a Cap

No Sew T-Shirt Craft

No Sew T-Shirt Craft

Not so long ago we were looking on YouTube for various no-sew t-shirt craft projects and we happened to find this really wonderful video that teaches you how to turn a t-shirt into a cap.  So today we’re going to share this video with you and show you what we like about it!

The video is titled  “A Cap Out of a Sleeve Tshirt” Repurposing” and was posted by the Cooking and Crafting Channel on YouTube.  Here’s what really caught our attention about the video:

  • There’s absolutely no sewing involved!
  • We’ve seen some 10 minute projects before, but this one can be done in 5 minutes!
  • This project will be simple for experts and novices alike!
  • It’s a great looking cap!

Here’s the video so that you can experience this one for yourself.  We hope you enjoy it! 

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