Fashionable Colors this 2012 Spring Fashion Season

Fashionable 2012 Spring Fashion Colors

Fashionable 2012 Spring Fashion Colors

Guest Post by Adam Bruk

It’s seems like each year, designers pick different colors and styles to emphasize when presenting their wardrobes at fashion week. While going through the Spring 2012 fashion week videos and round-ups, we noticed that orange and pink are going to be the popular colors this spring.

In addition to pink and orange, expect to see more people wearing pastel colored shirts and accessories. Let’s break down each of these colors and show how you can fashionably accommodate them into your wardrobe.

Tangerine Will Blossom this Spring!

Tangerine Spring 2012

While we saw designers showcasing outfits that were multiple shades of orange, tangerine seemed to be the most popular. While we saw hundreds of beautiful outfits that encompassed this trend, they came with a steep price tag as well. You don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars to sport this trend; you can easily purchase an orange shirt to go underneath your vests and jackets.

For a professional wardrobe, an orange shirt will look really sharp against a black jacket or vest. If you don’t want to include that much orange into your look, you can easily incorporate it into a fashionable accessory, such as an orange scarf. If it’s too warm for a summer scarf, you can opt for a pair of orange sunglasses, handbag, necklace or practically any accessory.

This Spring Expect to See Lots of Pink!

Pink Fashion Colors Spring 2012

Pink is also making a comeback this spring!  This year’s fashion show featured more feminine items for women, breaking away from the tomboy looks we’ve seen the past few years. The most popular pink outfits we saw women sporting on the runway were shorter in length, allowing women to show off their long legs.

While most women own a handful of pink t-shirts for casual wear, pink blazers are becoming popular in professional wear. Just like with orange, a pink shirt with a black blazer will also look very sharp and professional.

If this is still too much pink, you can opt to include pink in the accessories you wear. Even guys are starting to wear pink sunglasses after Darren Criss made them popular on the TV show Glee.

The Other Pastels Will Also Do Well

Pastel Color 2012 Spring Fashion

In general, we saw most designers focusing on softer pastels that were easier on the eyes than bolder colors. The only exception to this is with camouflage, where the colors tended to be bold (not easy to hide in the camo outfits we saw on the runway).

The pastel hues featured in many outfits from fashion week give off a “ladylike vibe” that really emphasizes that the feminine look is back. Unlike bold colors, you’re not as likely to stick out in a crowd with these softer colors, but that doesn’t mean you won’t grab the attention of your friends and family!

We hope this brief recap of the popular colors we saw during fashion week help you look fashionable this spring. If these colors aren’t your favorite, but you still want to look fashionable, you can incorporate them into an accessory.

Do you have a style tip on how to incorporate these trends without making many modifications to your wardrobe? Share them in the comments below!

Author Byline

Adam Bruk stays busy helping fashionistas find the perfect sunglasses to complete their summer look. When he isn’t busy at work, he enjoys cooking and trying new restaurants.


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5 responses to “Fashionable Colors this 2012 Spring Fashion Season

  1. I LOVE pink and orange! Thanks for the heads up on the new colors!

  2. This is true, light colors are a must this spring. I am not so thrilled about orange but you can make nice combinations with it.

    • Hello Konstantina! You don’t like orange? It’s ok because the cool thing is that, like you said, you can pair it with so many other colors to make the perfect combination. In the spring it would go perfectly with teal or turquoise and then there are the other pastels as well.

      You also omit it altogether and do something with pink and green, pink and violet, pink and dark brown or play around with other water colors for a nice and lively effect. Thank you for commenting! Hope to see you again here really soon!

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