2012 Spring Casual Fashion Prep

Spring Casual Fashion Prep

Spring Casual Fashion Prep

Spring is practically on our door step.  However, due to the uncharacteristically cold weather that we’ve been experiencing many of us are still using our winter wardrobes.  Nonetheless, since the spring weather could hit us any day now it does not hurt to prepare ourselves by updating our spring wardrobes.

Here are a few specific items that you may want to add to your spring wardrobe preparation checklist.

1.Tangerine or orange garments – Tangerine or orange is probably going to be the most popular color, in fashion, this spring. It would be difficult to go wrong with anything in orange or tangerine.

What to get: Orange t-shirts, orange jacket

2. Pink garments – Pink is great year around.  It’s even better this spring because the fashion forecasts indicate that it will be another color to incorporate into your spring 2012 wardrobe.

What to get: Pink outerwear, pink t-shirts, pink pants

3. Pastels – Pastel colors are perfect for spring because they go with both earth tones and bright colors. For example, flowers in the spring tend to have very brightly colored bulbs, pastel or white tinted stems that grow out of earth tone colored soil.

What to get: Pastel colored sweaters, pastel colored pants and shorts, pastel t-shirts

4. Bright colored clothing – Bright colored apparel will be a fashion wear staple this spring.  You can wear them with softer colors such as pastels or you can pair them with other bright colors.

What to get: bright accents like shoes, belts, jewelry, t-shirts, denim and outerwear

5. Vintage clothingParticularly 60’s, 70’s and 80’s vintage styles.  This could be military inspired fashion wear.  Alternatively, it could be graphic prints.

What to get:  military styled dress, camo t-shirts, skinny cargo pants and khaki or olive colored clothing, graphic print purses, tops and dresses

Update Your Closet - Spring Fashion 2012

Updating Your Closet

Now that you know which items you should be on the lookout for as you begin updating your wardrobe, you are ready to empty your closet.  However, before you get rid of any old clothes the best thing to do is to inspect your clothing to make sure that you’re not getting rid of anything that could improve your spring wardrobe.

Take out everything in your closet and lay it flat on your bed.  Any items that fall into one of the five categories above can go into the pile of clothes that you’re keeping.  Alternatively, everything else would go into a separate pile and could be taken to your local consignment or thrift store.

Replenishing Your Wardrobe

Replenishing Your Wardrobe

With this list in hand you’ll have no problem heading to your local thrift, consignment, retail or online store and replenishing your spring wardrobe.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these spring casual fashion prep tips and would love your feedback.  Leave us a comment and share your thoughts with us below.


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