Frugal Dining – Saving Money While Dining Out

How to Dine Out - On a Budget

How to Dine Out - On a Budget

Frugal dining is the happy medium between enjoying a wonderful dinner out with the family and still staying within the budget. There are several ways for you and your family to save money at a restaurant and still get a good meal.   We’re going to show them to you.  And contrary to popular belief, as you will find out, it’s not always necessary to find the cheapest place to eat.

Families have been hit hard by the economic crunch.  Even at inexpensive restaurants, it can be very costly to take an entire family out to eat. As a result, many families have cut back while some have simply stopped eating out altogether.  Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.  As it turns out you can dine frugally by removing what isn’t necessary without denying anyone a delicious meal.

Avoid Filling Up on Appetizers


Be Careful with Appetizers

Although appetizers are delicious and tempting, they can be as much as a third of the final bill all by themselves.  Rather than ordering appetizers you can enjoy the free breadsticks, chips, crackers or other offerings that many restaurants already place at the table. If there are children that do not eat these types of foods, bring inexpensive snack packs from home and let them enjoy those before the main courses arrive.

It’s Hard to Beat Free

Another simple solution is to have everyone drink water instead of ordering sodas. If the soda is two dollars per person and a family of six is dining, this can take twelve dollars off the bill right off the bat-before even ordering your meals!

Pay Attention to the Daily Specials

The final tip for frugal dining involves reading your menu carefully. Everyone including yourself should carefully scan the prices of the menu, it is also a good idea to take advantages of daily specials.

Save Money with Daily Specials

Save Money with Daily Specials

Many restaurants offer reduced pricing on special meals and some have days of the week when meals or drinks are priced much lower. If children eat free on a Friday, then Friday is the day that a frugal family needs to dine out!

Following common sense suggestions, such as these, can cut your total restaurant bill in half and everyone can get a fulfilling meal.   We hope that these tips will come in handy for you the next time you dine out.


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6 responses to “Frugal Dining – Saving Money While Dining Out

  1. I try to avoid drinks, appetizers and desserts. These three areas are where most restaurants make their money. We normally go out about once a week, then come home for dessert (if we have any room left!)

    • Hi there YLL! Great point, drinks and appetizers do tend to make it harder to get the most out of your main course. And what you said about eating desert at home is spot on.

      Thanks for stopping by. By the way, you’ve got quite an amazing blog!

  2. Thank you! I enjoy reading yours as well.

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