From the Archives – Top 10 Craft Posts from the Rock Bottom T-Shirts Blog

Craft Projects

Craft Projects

Over the past few years we’ve posted quite a number of craft posts. Today we’re going to list and highlight ten of the craft pieces that we’ve published over the past year.

  1. Children’s Activities – Your Rainy Day Readiness Kit. This post highlights several fun children’s activities/crafts that you can quickly prepare for your next day you have to spend indoors.
  2. Competing in the Crafting Business, Making More and Saving More.  This was a guest post from Jason Jorgeson that looks at how crafters can save money in their craft businesses.
  3. What To Do with Your Leftover Crafting Fabric – Organization and Craft Ideas .  In this post we spoke with three veteran crafters and posed the question, what do you do with your leftover fabric scraps?
  4. An Autumn Leaf T-Shirt Craft.  In this post we take you, step by step, through the process of designing your very own autumn leaf t-shirt.
  5. Halloween Crafts: Spooky Spider Web T-Shirt Craft .  Our Halloween t-shirt craft post is a super easy craft that you can finish in under 30 minutes with your little one.  Definitely a keeper for this upcoming Halloween!
  6. A Quick and Easy Fall T-Shirt Craft for Kids.  This was one of our first t-shirt craft posts that we published for kids.
  7. Hand Embroidery: Easy Tips to Help You Get Started.  This is a resource post aimed at anyone who’s just getting started with hand embroidery.
  8. Doggie Craft: How to Make a Doggie Tutu.  This craft is strictly for dog lover’s!  In it we show you how to make your very own doggie tutu!
  9. Stencil Design T-Shirt Craft. We wanted to see how easy it would be to stencil a detailed design onto a t-shirt.  Here’s what we came up with!
  10. Ferris Wheel T-Shirt Craft for the other Feb 14th Holiday! We did this post last year around Valentine’s Day to highlight a lesser known February 14th holiday and show you how to design your own Ferris wheel t-shirt.

We hope that you enjoy our craft posts, and stay tuned for more to come!  Would you like to keep up with the latest applique, budgeting and fashion tips? Check out our bi-weekly blog bulletin –!

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