How to Rock the T-Shirt and Blazer Combo

T-Shirt Blazer Combo

T-Shirt Blazer Combo. Image by Nathan O’Nions

Guest Post Written by Craig T.

Why the T-Shirt and Blazer Combo?

There are few outfits as simple to put together and as appealing as the t-shirt and blazer look. This unique style combines elements of casual and formal wear into one harmonious design. Men may follow up the look with jeans while women have the choice of jeans or a even a skirt to round out their hipster look.

That is probably where the appeal comes from–it is different from a classic suit coat but not so different that it loses the elegance of the formal jacket top. Layers of formal versus casual can be blended and added to create the perfect outfit. Women may find a dark corduroy jacket with a complementing belt of a similar tone an easy way to spice up a spring outfit for the lingering winter in the evenings. These stylish tee and blazer outfits are simple but can offer extraordinary options with some creativity and thought.

Choose Versatile Clothing

One great way to stay stylin’ with this look is to find pieces that are extremely versatile. This means that by having just a few carefully selected articles of clothing, you could put together tens of outfits with them! One example of such an item is a single color v-neck, a look that will never go out of style! You will look casual enough not to feel stuffy but people will be drawn to you because you now have that sophisticated edge.

When going for versatile tees and blazers, solid colors are a good bet. Any solid tee can be matched with a solid jacket of another color. Two colors contrasting makes the outfit even more eye-catching. For example, a solid white tee would go nicely with a solid black, brown or navy blue blazer. A black tee might go better with a blazer of a lighter-tone blazer such as gray or tan. It’s all about experimenting.

Mix and Match: Opposites Attract

Another nice tip for putting together hot t-shirt and blazer combos is to combine two very different pieces. This has become a common trend for young hipsters in the current day and age. A good start is to look for vintage tees. Vintage tees tend to have a worn and used look to them and this would contrast nicely with a sharp and modern blazer.

Make use of colors and designs as well. Highly contrasting colors will make a look “pop,” while pairing a plain item with one that is highly decorated also makes the whole outfit stand out. A detailed shirt and simple jacket will give you the fun expression of the t-shirt tempered with the sophistication of the jacket.

Take Advantage of T-Shirt Styles and Blazer Styles

One thing to pay attention to is the style of the collar, crew neck (rounded), v-necks, polo-type with collar and buttons, extra-low v-neck or crew, other open neck without buttons, etc. The same goes for styles of blazers. Women may find suit coat and overcoats of a fleece material to be the most inviting and stylish for cold evenings.

Changes don’t have to be very drastic in order to turn a tee and blazer outfit into another fine tee and blazer outfit. Subtle changes go very far and it’s all about trial-and-error until you come up with some standard looks that you could always fall back on.

Finding a great t-shirt and blazer outfit is about being creative with what you have and giving a few items many uses. Experimentation will go very far, so try and try again!

Author Byline

Craig T. is a freelance writer that enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion but likes to incorporate timeless and classy elements with current trends. He lives in Tampa where he enjoys art, fashion, and literature.

Fashion is so dynamic, it’s hard for us to keep up with all of the latest trends. We all know that fashion recycles over time and that decade-old elements are often brought back into style when we least expect it. So, how do we keep up with fashion? Creativity.

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