Money Saving Apps – Top Five Money Saving Apps

Top Five Money Saving Mobile Apps

Money Saving Mobile Apps. Image by Wikipedia

Cell phones and mobile devices are not just for communicating anymore. Mobile technology continuously reinvents itself and as the technology improves so do the opportunities to save! Stay tuned as we cover our top five money saving mobile apps.

First things first; before using any new apps on a phone or device make sure that it is legitimate.  Particularly, you want to make sure that it will not interfere with your phone service. Use the internet to check out reviews and compare apps; then you’ll be in a better position to figure out which one best suits your preferences.

Coupon Sherpa Mobile App

Courtesy of Coupon Sherpa

1. Coupon Sherpa: The great thing about this app is that they have a wide variety of coupons from local retailers.  You can search for coupons by category or location with this app.

Another really convenient feature is that since the coupon barcodes are embedded into the app, cashiers can apply them by scanning your mobile device.

Gas Buddy Mobile App

Gas Buddy App

2. GasBuddy: With gas prices skyrocketing, it is great to know that there is an app that can compare gasoline prices in a particular area and allow consumers to know where the least expensive gas can be found.

Saving a few cents on the dollar can add up to big savings. We love the fact that this app comes with built in maps and navigation.

Red Laser App

Courtesy of Android

3. RedLaser: This nifty idea is one of the best money saving apps-it allows people to actually scan the bar code for any particular item, and then offers price comparisons in that area.

This lets people know when they could be missing a sale or find cheaper merchandise somewhere else.

Kayak Mobile App

Courtesy of Android

4. Kayak: This is a comparison app that looks up location based hotel rates, rental car fees or even airplane tickets, and then helps find the best deal. It can alert the consumer about lowered prices at certain motels. Worrying over traveling expenses can be a thing of the past.

5. Amazon Mobile (iPhone|Android version): This may be one of the most well rounded of the money saving apps.

Amazon Mobile App

Courtesy of Amazon

Consumers that use Amazon mobile can instantly compare store prices with those from Amazon or it’s merchants. Everything from books to electronics can be found at bargain basement prices.  You can also use this app to create a really accurate inventory of your household items.

Using mobile apps to save money is an easy way to maintain your budget. Before the computer, comparison shopping had to be done by phone or in person.  However, the computer forever changed that.  By allowing the consumer to comparison shop, find coupons and share specials, on the go, mobile apps push the limits of convenience even further.

Are there any coupon apps that we left out or do you have any comments on the ones that we mentioned?  Drop a comment below and let us know!


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