Ten Inspiring, Fun Fashion Blogs for the Fashionista in us All

Top Fashion Blogs

Top Fashion Blogs

Although we cover several topics on the Rock Bottom T-Shirts Blog, fashion is what we’re about!  While doing research for our posts, we come across a number of amazing fashion blogs! Today we wanted to highlight the ten fashion blogs that we visit the most often. 

What do we look for in a good fashion blog?

  • Descriptive images that tell a story – the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is especially true with fashion blogs.
  • Fashion focus – we like fashion blogs that focus on a particular aspect of fashion.
  • Unique voice – does the blog have a voice that makes it stand out?
All blogs on this list have at least two of the three characteristics of a “good fashion blog”. Check out these blogs listed below, by category, and let us know what you think!

Frugal Fashion

Frugal Fashion

The Budget Fashionista is the largest blog on our frugal fashion list offering a coupon and deals section, a fashion advice column, a fashion trend section as well as shopping guides for various retailers. What makes this site unique is the depth of fashion content that they offer.  No matter what topic you’re researching – when it comes to affordable fashion it appears that all roads eventually lead to Kathryn Finney’s site.

The Budget Babe is run by Dianna Baros. Her site is the perfect place to find wardrobe inspiration. We love how they take a celebrity photographed in a particular outfit and place the image side by side with a similarly styled outfit that retails for a fraction of the cost. They make it easy to achieve high fashion on a budget.

Although Fantabulously Frugal is more of a deal site for fashion, there’s more to this blog than meets the eye. Lisa Koivu, the founder and chief editor, along with her writing team provide excellent editorial to go along with each deal. This stands out because typically deal sites have very little commentary to complement their deals.

Kendi Everyday is unique in that the blogger, Kendi, takes you through her own wardrobe with pictures of herself in fabulous outfits.  Sometimes she labels her pieces with names of various retailers and other times she’ll label an item as thrifted or even borrowed. This makes Kendi’s site highly refreshing.

The Good Life for Less blog is authored by Jill. What’s cool about Jill’s blog is that she has a nice mix of frugal fashion posts. Some of her posts are simply images of herself in various styles and other posts specifically highlight affordable clothing combinations. While she occasionally highlights pieces that are over $25, Jill’s primary focus is wardrobes or fashion pieces that are under $25.

Vintage Fashion

Vintage Fashion Blogs

The Bleubird Vintage blog is run by a blogger who goes by Miss James. Her blog is original because it’s the only one that we’ve found that focuses almost entirely on children’s vintage clothing. As inspiration Miss James includes photos of her own children wearing various vintage outfits.

The Rubber Soul Vintage blog is run and managed by a San Diego, CA based storefront called Rubber Soul Vintage Clothing. At three months old, this is a relatively new blog. However, this blog has put out an amazing array of vintage fashion posts. We love how they capture the essence of each post with such amazing photos.

At first glance the Cafe Fashionista blog bears a lot in common with the Budget Babe blog. However, Erika’s blog has a much larger emphasis on vintage fashion. We’ve also noticed that Erika’s posts tend to focus on single wardrobe pieces as opposed to entire outfits.

General Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips

Fashionising – Out of all the fashion blogs that we visit, this is the one that we’ve been visiting the longest. Fashionising has a wealth of information about fashion trends as well as color forecasts so you know what’s coming up in the world of fashion.

Fabulous After 40 is another Rock Bottom T-Shirts favorite. This blog is put together more in the style of a magazine or media site and is run by two well known style and image consultants – Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler. Although they’re primarily aimed at women over 40, this blog has a wealth of fashion tips that are applicable to general audiences.

Studio Brow is another blog that’s run by a storefront business. While the Studio Brow blog is technically not a fashion blog they do put out some wonderful fashion pieces.  You can tell that they put a lot of thought and effort into their fashion posts because these posts tend to be well researched. This 2012 handbag fashion post they recently published is a great example.

What are your favorite fashion blogs?  Did you enjoy our suggestions above?  Let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook page.


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