Three Ways to Give Your Child the Perfect Prom on a Budget!

Affordable Prom Tips

Affordable Prom Tips

Have you ever noticed how almost all of life’s milestones come with hefty price tags?  High school prom is no exception.  Continue reading as we share three surefire ways to give your child the prom of their dreams on a budget.

Through careful planning and a little creativity, your child’s prom night can cost very little without anyone knowing that you managed it on a budget. Here’s how to give your child the million dollar effect on a dime.

Reduce the Cost of Must Have Items

cutting costsThe first step in the process of saving money for prom involves a realistic expectation of the expenses. Sit down and make a list of what is absolutely necessary.  This would include items such as a dress or a tuxedo.

Now it’s time to make a list of the items that would be nice to have.  Items that fall into this category could include car rental, dinner at a five star restaurant and etc. After deciding what is crucial for prom, start figuring out the costs of brand new must-have items.

If the costs of the new items exceed your budget or take up more than forty percent of your budget you can look at gently used alternatives.

Nothing Beats Free!Free or Near Free Non-Essentials

Next on the list would be to reduce the cost of your non-essentials.  For example, it is possible to save money on your child’s manicure by doing it at home? One way that you could do it is to try getting friends together and have a manicure party the day before prom. This would be a fun way to get a free manicure and spend time with friends.

Get Creative with Transportation

Get Creative for PromThe third prom money savings tip is to get creative with your prom transportation. There’s no need to rent an expensive car for two people. Instead try pricing group limo bookings. Arrive in style at the prom in a shining limousine with a group of friends, and enjoy knowing that it cost next to nothing! If you’re going to go this route make sure to make your reservation before they fill up.

While there are some milestones that are difficult to cut costs on, it’s good to know that prom isn’t one of them. To the contrary using strategies such as the ones that we mentioned above can allow you to drastically cut costs without sacrificing your child’s prom experience.

Do you have additional tips that you’d like to share on how to cut your prom budget?  Let us know in the comment section.

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