Coupon Sites-Seven Popular Coupon Sites

Seven Popular Coupon Sites

Seven Popular Coupon Sites

Coupons have become way of life for many US consumers. Not only do they reduce the cost of living, but they’ve become easier than ever.  Newspapers still offer coupons, many stores offer them and there are fabulous coupon sites on the internet that offer find savings on clothes, groceries, electronics and more.  Continue reading as we share seven of the most popular coupon sites.

1. This is probably the biggest coupon site, as it offers everyday coupons much like newspapers do. Note: To avoid confusion be sure that the store accepts internet coupons before buying in order.

2. This coupon site is extremely user friendly and offers legitimate samples and many printable coupons.  They also feature an entire section of super handy couponing tips.

3. SmartSource: This site offers consumers the ability to print multiple coupons in order to buy in large quantities of any particular item.

4. Facebook: We added Facebook because although it’s not actually a coupon site, members of Facebook can “friend” or link up with merchants and receive printable coupons for items.

5. Coupon Sherpa: Coupon Sherpa has something for everyone.  They offer online coupon codes, printable coupons, mobile coupons as well as a smartphone app that searches by zip code to find the closest bargains and discounts at local merchants. Looking for a big sale on groceries in the area? Use this Coupon Sherpa to find near you!

6. This site features coupons by store, brand and category. They post new coupons every day.  Click on the link for a specific product and print off the coupons.  Note: These are often time-sensitive coupons-so be sure to check the dates first.

7. This is another very large site that offers a smorgasbord of savings opportunities.  They offer online coupon codes, printable coupons, free samples as well as a deals section. Another helpful feature is that they offer a comparison engine to help you find the best deals in your area.

Until the economic down-turn, couponing wasn’t as popular as it is now. However, more and more shoppers are looking for ways to save money on items that they need. Online coupons are particularly helpful, and can reduce the cost of your purchases by as much as fifty percent.

As with any internet source, it is always a good idea to double check the site before signing up or printing the coupons. Make sure that printed coupons can be accepted at the stores. Never give out personal information such as social security numbers or driver’s license numbers when visiting a coupon site. If the site asks for this information, it is not legitimate.

We hope that this post has been helpful to you.  As always, if there’s a tip that you’d like to share please comment below.  Thanks!  And don’t forget that if you’d like to stay up to date on the latest saving money and budgeting tips to subscribe to our newsletter!


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