Five DIY Easter Crafts for Children

DIY Easter Crafts for Children

DIY Easter Crafts for Children

Easter is almost here. This means that if you havent already done so, it’s time to start stocking up on clothes, Easter baskets and other Easter related items again. However, the good news is that Easter baskets and other novelties fall under the category of things that you can do yourself. In this post we’re highlighting five different Easter craft ideas from five different blogs.

Bunny Racers – Cafe Mom’s the Stir

The first craft is from Kim Conte who blogs over at Cafe Mom’s The Stir.

Bunny Racers

Bunny Racers. Image by Katherine Maries Photography

In her post she walks us through how to create a really cute Bunny race car that’s made out of food using a Little Debbie Swiss Roll and several other items.

Note:  In her tools and materials section she listed the cake as Ho Hos Hostess Cakes, but since they appear to be Swiss Rolls we listed them here as Swiss Rolls.  Based upon her instructions, this project appears fairly simple.

And the best part is that when you’re done this would make one of the best treats ever!

Chicken Puppet Socks

Chicken Puppet Socks

Chicken Puppet Socks. Image by Better Homes and Gardems

The next Easter craft project comes courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens. This project would probably qualify as one of the most original projects that we’ve referenced – Chick Sock Puppets! Although this project looks like it would be simple to complete, minor sewing is required. What’s unique about this project is these creations look shelf-ready.

Easter Basket Project

Easter Basket Project

Easter Basket Project. By MarthaStewart

Another project that we really liked is an Easter Basket project.

We found this one on Martha Stewart and it’s such a refreshing take on Easter baskets. We love the creativity of this project and the fact that it’s all held together by a paper cup!

This project only has four steps and looks fairly straight forward.  However, the fourth and final step looks a little bit more advanced than the rest of the project.

DIY Bunny Garland

Bunny Garland

Bunny Garland. Image by HWTM

Another easy to complete project is the one that we found on the Hostess with the Mostess blog. This project is a bunny garland that you put on the wall or use as a table runner. We were absolutely struck by the originality of the project. Note: Since this project does require the use of an Xacto knife, adult supervision is strongly recommended.

Marbleized Easter Egg

The last Easter project that we’re going to highlight is from Kate on the Cheap Crafty Mama blog . This is another paper craft project – it’s a marbleized Paper Egg.

Marbleized Eggs

Marbleized Eggs. Image by Cheap Crafty Mama

We think that this project stands out because it looks like it would be so much fun to put together!

It’s also something that could be completed in under fifteen minutes-by a toddler. Considering that this project is exceptionally enjoyable, can be done so quickly and it’s child friendly, makes the project even more unique!

What do you think?  Will you be trying any of these projects at home? If you do, post pictures of your crafts on our Facebook page. Likewise, if you have any tips or other projects that you’d like to share with us, please let us know by commenting below.

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