Frugal Shopping – Three Rarely Used Shopping Tips that are Overlooked Daily

Frugal Shopping Tips

Frugal Shopping Tips

Being thrifty can be the difference between saving big bucks on all of your household expenses or not having enough to cover your basic necessities.  When you begin to see the world around you through the lens of frugality, it’s  possible to pull savings right out of thin air.  Since we’ve already covered this topic from several well known angles, today we decided to share three frugal shopping tips that we haven’t discussed yet.

Follow Through on Rebates

Rebates - Don't Forget Them

Don't Forget Your Rebates

You’d be surprised how many consumers fail to take advantage of rebate offers when making qualified purchases.  For some, it’s the inconvenience of having to complete and mail a form, while others are skeptical that they’ll ever receive their rebates.  However, regardless of which camp you’re in you’ll find that when it comes to rebates patience pays off.  Sometimes the savings can be so substantial that it’s like you’re getting paid to shop.

Store Loyalty Cards

If you haven’t started signing up for loyalty cards at your local retailers you may be missing out on some of the best deals around.   Similar to rebates, store loyalty cards don’t score very high in the convenience department.

Loyalty Cards Have Their Rewards

Loyalty Cards Have Their Rewards

The biggest inconvenience is that, at a minimum, when you sign up for your loyalty card you’ll have to give your email address.  However, that’s a very small price to pay compared to what you can save once you begin using your card.

As a matter of fact, there are some retailers that won’t even give you sale prices unless you use their store card, others who offer discounts on gasoline and some even load instant electronic coupons directly onto your card.  So, if you haven’t already signed up for one, now’s the perfect time.

An Even Easier Way – Just Ask

Asking for Discounts

Never Hurts to Ask

Many consumers are under the impression that you can only get price concessions on big ticket items-such as automobiles, real estate, travel packages and more.  But did you know that you can even get discounts on everyday items that you buy from the store just by asking for a discount?

It’s true!  A number of retailers give their employees leeway to drop prices down to a certain amount if a customer asks for it.  Although the amount varies by retailer five to ten percent seems to be the magic number.

Of course, if you use this approach you should be prepared to hear the word “no” from time to time because not all retailers do this.  But what have you got to lose?

And speaking of frugal did you know that  on top of offering everyday low prices on comfortable casual wear for the family, that Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers additional specials to anyone who subscribes to our list or likes our Fan Page?  Experience the best that frugal shopping has to offer and check us out!

We hope that these frugal shopping tips come in handy for you.  And we’d be curious to know whether you’re already using them or not, so don’t forget to drop us a line!


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5 responses to “Frugal Shopping – Three Rarely Used Shopping Tips that are Overlooked Daily

  1. I had no idea you can just ask for a discount and get one sometimes! That’s wonderful news. Great post.

    • Hi Chris! It sure is.

      Another thing is that if you carry a circular with you of a similar or same item that’s lower at a competitor and tell the store something to the effect that you’d hate to go across town to get a lower price it increases your chances of getting a yes.

      Thank you for stopping by, Chris!

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