Babies Fashion Trends – Dressing Your Baby for Easter

Dressing Your Baby for Easter

Dressing Your Baby for Easter. Image by Eye's Eye

As the seasons change and the holidays come and go, our fashion choices change as well.  This is true not just for adults, but for children and babies too.  Continue reading as we share several baby fashion tips to carry you through the Easter holidays.

Baby Fabric Styles

The spring is when we see some of the biggest wardrobe changes.  Part of the reason is the drastic change in weather as the temperatures rise from cool to warm.  Additionally, the broader fashion industry also plays a part in helping to bring about changes in the way that we dress our babies for Easter every year.

Easter baby clothes tend to be made from lighter fabrics and are filled with pastel colors. Pink and yellow pastel colors tend to be more popular for baby girls’ Easter outfits, while blues and greens tend to be more popular for boys.

Baby Girls Styles for Easter

Trending this year on Easter outfits for baby girls, are flowers as an additional accessory on dresses.  This makes it really easy to highlight your child’s outfit.  For example, you can complete the look by pairing the flower, on the dress, with a matching hair accessory.

This year we’re also seeing more girl shoes that come with bows and flowers on them. As with the dresses that come with flowers, these can also be matched to your little one’s hair accessory.   For girly-girls, there is are also plenty of frilly sock options that can be used to a similar effect. Another big trend in baby fashion is sandals.  Sandals come in many styles and colors and can easily be coordinated with your little girl’s dress.

Baby Boys Easter Styles

For baby boys, hats have been making a comeback.  For example, you could use a brightly colored hat to accent the rest of your child’s outfit. A matching or complimentary hat and tie can make him stand out from the crowd.

For boys’ shoes, solid leather sandals designed to withstand whatever the outdoors can throw at it are just in time for spring weather.  Additionally, they tend to come in colors that can match a large variety of outfits.

Babies Casual Fashion Option

If you’re concerned that the dressier options might hamper your baby’s range of motion or make it difficult to change your baby, there’s also one more option-the casual option.  The big advantage? In addition to being both trendy and comfortable, it is also really affordable.  For example, Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers a Polo Shirt Baby Bodysuit for boys that would go perfectly with a nice pair of shorts.

Likewise, we offer a really cute Baby Ruffle Romper Dress for girls that’s trendy, comfortable and makes changing baby a snap!

Easter and springtime offer the perfect opportunity for parents to dress our little ones in style.  We hope this brief primer on babies fashion trends has been helpful to you.  Share your favorite styles to dress baby in and let us know what you think, thanks!

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