2012 Easter Fashion – Round Up

2012 Easter Fashion

2012 Easter Fashion

Today we wanted to do a follow up on yesterday’s post where we talked about Easter fashion for babies.  However, instead of focusing only on babies fashion we wanted to look at a wider array of Easter fashion trends.

So today we’re rounding up our favorite Easter fashion trend posts by other bloggers.


A Real Treat from the Belk Blog

Easter Treats Easter Fashion

This was our first time visiting the Belk Blog and we were pleasantly surprised to find a wealth of information there on fashion, beauty and home decor.  What we liked about their post, “Excellent Easter Dresses“,  is that it went far beyond the realm of Easter dresses and into colors and accessories as well.

Here’s a quick excerpt where Belk Blog shares tips on how to take an exceptionally good Easter family portrait,

“Your dress does not have to match your little girl’s dress exactly, but the colors should be complementing.”

Kids Focused Easter Fashion from Mom Trends

Kids Easter Fashion Trends

The Mom Trends blog has a gorgeous blog post called “Easter Fashions for Kids” that reinforces much of what we said in our baby fashion blog post. It should be noted that while this was actually a review post, it reads like a fashion post.

Here’s a quick excerpt to show you what we mean,

“Bright and colorful clothing are coming back and we can’t wait to celebrate with fun clothing for spring and Easter.”

Classic Time Tested Easter Fashion from Clothed Much

Classic Easter Fashion

Next up, we have the post from Clothed Much called, “Easter Style Inspiration from the Archives“.  Elaine’s looks at Easter fashion through the historical lens.  She sums up several themes that seem to be present in Easter fashion every year.

Here’s a quick excerpt that seems to reflect the overall tone of the post,

“Don’t have anything floral print? How about floral themed jewelry and accessories? “

Fashion Vortex Tells Us Which Fashion Trends to Expect this Easter

Spring Easter 2012 Fashion

In this post entitled, “Fashion for Easter 2012“, Sarah Wright highlights three trends that we should expect to see influencing Easter outfits this Sunday.  She also suggests several possible outfits that you could wear to complement each trend.  We love how Sarah opened up her post too,

“For many candy is the focal point of this holiday. This year let’s spice it up with a few Easter fashion trends”

What fashions are you expecting to see and wear this Easter?  Drop us a line and let us know!  One more thing.  Did you know you can stay up to date on the latest fashion,  money saving and crafting posts by subscribing to our newsletter?  It’s true, so subscribe now and get your complimentary gift today!

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