You’ve Got Coupon Questions – We’ve Got Coupon Answers!

Questions About Coupons

Questions About Coupons

Coupon Questions?

We have the answers!

Even if you’re a “seasoned professional” when it comes to using coupons, you may occasionally run into issues with finding and using coupons.  But there is hope – and answers to the seemingly endless questions. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know – and then some.

Do coupons expire?

Not all coupons have expiration dates, but many do. Look at your coupons carefully to see if you can find an expiration date. If there is no date, you can use that coupon any time you choose. If there is a date, pay attention to it – stores won’t accept it past that date.

Should I read the fine print on coupons?

Of course you should. It may seem tedious, but reading the fine print will help you use the coupon correctly. It could even save you some time and prevent a lot of frustration.

Can’t I use coupons more than once?

It depends. If you use a coupon as part of a special promotion, but then come back later to purchase something else and the same promotion is going, you could use the same promo code. Check with stores to be sure.

What if I lose a coupon? Can I get a replacement?

If you’ve cut the coupon from Sunday’s paper, you may not be able to find another one days after the publication date. If you’ve printed the coupon from a website, you may be able to reprint it, however some sites limit the number of times you can print a coupon.

What if I buy something and then return it –can I reuse the coupon on the second purchase?

If you clipped the coupon from a circular, you had to turn the coupon in with purchase, so reuse is not an option. If you find another coupon for the same sale or promotion, it can be used on the second purchase.

I’ve read about people combining coupons with other discounts. Is this something anyone can do?

Check the fine print on your coupon, and check the store policy as well. Some coupons don’t allow combining coupons, and it’s against policy for some stores.

I’ve read that online coupons are better. Is this true?

Online coupons hold no more value than the ones you clip from circulars. The value in online coupons is that some sites from which you can glean them allow you to search, sort and store coupons on those sites. These sites can also save you time by allowing you to organize your coupons.

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