Lenzing Spring/Summer 2012 Color Trends

2012 Lenzing Spring Summer Color Forecast

2012 Lenzing Spring Summer Color Forecast

Today’s color trend post looks at the spring/summer of 2012.  In particular we’re highlighting the Lenzing’s Spring/Summer Color Trend Forecast.  This particular color trend report seemed to represent a break from Lenzing’s prior color forecasts.  Continue reading as we show you what makes Lenzing’s 2012 Spring Summer Color Trend report so unique!

The first thing that we noticed about this color forecast is that unlike Lenzing’s previous reports, where the first page was devoted to a particular mood, this report didn’t begin this way.

Instead, they emphasized the phrase “Be Real” and then went on to describe five mantras, in detail.   Next they introduced five palettes that correspond to the five mantras.

Here’s a brief summary of the mantras and the color palettes developed around these ideas.

2012 Lenzing Spring Summer Color Trends

Afterwards, Lenzing surprised us again by highlighting four broader color families that they called Womenswear, Menswear, Lingerie and Children.

Womens Color Selection - Lenzing Spring Summer 2012

Womens Color Selection - Lenzing Spring Summer 2012

There are two things about these color families that we found interesting.

1)      They are very practical combinations that we never would have thought of had we not seen them, but having seen them they are so natural together.

2)      Although there is a good amount of seasonal overlap found in each color family, the colors complement each other perfectly.  For example, in the children’s color family Lenzing combined colors from three different palettes – Boring (cool, summer), Blur (cool, winter), and Industrial Poetry (warm, spring).

The result makes for a highly functional wardrobe reminiscent of summer days spent at the beach with family and friends.

By going against the grain Lenzing reminds us to be real with ourselves.   The result is a set of color palettes and families that are so honest that this is easily the most functional color report that we’ve covered to date.  We could easily see someone that knows very little about fashion or color taking the four color families that Lenzing put together and using them to go shopping for the perfect summer wardrobe.

Short Sleeve Women's T-Shirt

Short Sleeve Women's T-Shirt

It’s worth noting that if you ever wanted to build an ensemble around Lenzing’s 2012 Spring/Summer Color Report that Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers many of these colors.  For example, our Short Sleeve Women’s T-Shirt comes in very similar colors to those featured in this report such as aqua, coral, khaki or yellow.

To learn more, visit Rock Bottom T-Shirts today.

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