Baby Shower Ideas – How to Make a Diaper Cake [Tutorial]

Diaper Cake Instructions

Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial

Guest Post by Sam Pasi

Baby showers are evolving more and more. Gone are the days where simple gifts and presents would suffice. These days you need more elaborate and gorgeous gifts to impress the expecting parents.

One of the best gifts you can give at a baby shower is a diaper cake. You might be asking yourself “what in the world is a diaper cake?”  Well it’s one of the best things you can take to a baby shower.

A diaper cake doubles as a beautiful gift/centerpiece and a useful resource.  Before I continue with this explanation I want to make one thing clear, diaper cakes are meant to be seen; not eaten.

Diaper cakes are “cakes” in name only and in this short tutorial I will teach you how to create one.

Why should I create a diaper cake?

These beautiful works of art are one of the best things you can bring to a baby shower because it would look great on the gift table as a centerpiece.  Additionally, your diaper creation can easily be taken apart after the baby shower. This allows the expecting mom to take advantage of each diaper or baby item; in the coming months when she will need it most!

How to build a diaper cake

Building a diaper cake is easier than you think. The easiest and one of the most beautiful diaper cakes to create is a three-tier diaper cake. To create this work of art you will need:

  • 63 small rubber bands and 6 big rubber bands
  • 63 diapers
  • a pair of scissors
  • one paper towel tube
  • glue gun
  • 1 1/2 inch satin decorating ribbon
  • baby items for decoration (e.g.bibs, pacifiers, rattles etc…)

First – You are going to individually roll your diapers. To do this you will roll them from one end to the other (it should look like a cigar after rolled). Then, you will snap on a rubber band to keep it in place. Roll each of the 63 diapers that way.

Second – Snap on a large rubber band at the bottom of the paper towel tube. After that, stick six of the diapers in the large rubber band at the base of the tube. Place another rubber band around those six. You will then insert twelve diapers around those six and one more time with 18 diapers. You have just completed your bottom base tier of your diaper cake!

Third – From here on out its “cake”, no pun intended.  Repeat the process for the second middle tier but leave out the ring with 18 diapers. Repeat it one more time for the final top-tier with only six diapers.  Here is a YouTube video showing you how it’s done:

Fourth – Use the decorating ribbon to hide the rubber bands by wrapping them around each tier and connecting the ends with your glue gun.

Fifth – Decorate your cake in whatever way you’d like! Add your baby items to the cake and add a cute plush doll for the top of the cake.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial on how to make a beautiful diaper cake. Remember that you can decorate this type of diaper cake any way you want. That’s right-your imagination is the limit!

On the other hand, if you feel this doesn’t play to your skill set then perhaps you should look for diaper cakes for sale online. There are many beautiful ones you can find at great affordable prices.

Guest Author Bio

Sam Pasi creates and organizes baby showers in his local community. He is a co-webmaster and writes about baby shower decoration ideas in his blog.

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