How to Monetize Your Crafts Hobby

Monetize Your Craft Hobby

Monetize Your Craft Hobby

Not long ago we published a post that talked about how you can grow your existing embroidery craft business through marketing.  Publishing the post made us ask ourselves, “How many people are out there who already have a craft hobby, but who have not found a way to monetize that craft hobby yet?”  So today we’re going to show you how to monetize your embroidery craft business by using a site called Etsy.

Etsy is a website that’s dedicated solely to selling your homemade craft items.  Etsy is a great way to monetize a crafts hobby.  Although getting started can take a little time, it is not hard in the least.  Also, if you’re someone that already has a great product, then getting up and running on Etsy is easy!

monetize craft hobby preparationStep One – Preparation

To get your Etsy shop started, first create a few samples and take pictures.  Consider what you want to charge and upload example pictures with prices.  If you can do other styles or custom work, make sure potential customers can see them and that it’s easy for them to understand your custom pricing.

Step Two – Pricing Your Products

 monetize craft hobby pricingSince you are looking to make extra money, it is important to be sure that you price your products accordingly.  Consider the cost of materials your product requires, and add a percentage to that.  Also, it’s very important to account for your time and add that into the price.  If there are other Etsy stores selling similar products, take a look at what they charge to help determine whether your prices make sense or not.

Step Three – Promote Your New Craft Business

Getting the word out could be the most important step we talk about today.  Thanks to social networking websites, free advertising is abundant.  monetize craft hobby promotionThis is especially important to anyone looking to earn additional income.

  • Immerse yourself in blogs that talk about topics related to your product.
  • Leave comments and be active.  However, be careful not to overstep your bounds by being overly promotional.  Instead, try to leave comments that add value to the discussion.
  • Take advantage of Facebook and Twitter as well.  Just getting family and friends to follow you or like your page could get your product in front of hundreds or even thousands of potential customers.

Each of the tips that we’ve discussed can be highly effective!  The key to making it work is to take action.   You could have orders rolling in before you know it, once you do you begin putting these steps in place.

Bonus Tip – Selecting the Right Suppliers for Your Business

Preparation, pricing and promotion are important to the success of your business.  However, as you may know these things will not be of much help to you if your products aren’t made with top quality materials.

Fortunately, if you’re turning an embroidery or applique hobby into a business, there is a solution.  Rock Bottom T-Shirts can help you impress your customers and improve your bottom line at the same time.  We offer more than just near wholesale priced solid color t-shirts too, visit us today to find out more!

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