Bucket Hat Embellishment from Grandma G’s Awesome Blog

Highlighting Grandma G's Blog

Highlighting Grandma G's Blog

Yesterday we stumbled across an amazing blog that we were so surprised to have never seen before. The blog is called A Photo’s Worth a Thousand Words and it’s published by a grandmother who goes by Grandma G. So today we’re going to share a few of the things that we like about Grandma G’s blog.

While the main focus of Grandma G’s blog is her photography, if you are a crafter you will probably appreciate her craft posts. Not only are her photos really fun to look at, but they’re great for craft inspiration.

For example, two weeks ago Grandma G published a post called Little Things to Sew – Bucket Hat where she did a two in one craft project. The first part of her project was sewing the toddler sized reversible bucket hat.

Bucket Hat by Grandma G

Bucket Hat with Straps. Image by Grandma G

To complete this part of the craft she used the bucket hat pattern from the book Little Things to Sew.  After completing the bucket hat part of the project, she added a chin strap to the hat so that the wind couldn’t blow it off of her grand-daughter. We have to say that the chin strap is a nice touch! This is the point where Grandma G’s tutorial starts.

Since the hat is reversible, Grandma G made the strap fastenable on each side of the hat. And although from Grandma G’s instructions it sounds fairly simple, the one little detail of making the strap attachable from both sides of the hat seems to make this project not so simple.

Bucket Hat - Rock Bottom T-Shirts

Bucket Hat - Rock Bottom T-Shirts

Nonetheless, Grandma G’s post gave us an idea. If you had our non-reversible bucket hat, you could probably do something very similar.

With a one-sided hat it would only need to be fastened to the inside. This means that you could skip having to cut or sew the slit into the hat. This plus the fact that you’d already have the bucket hat could probably shave at least an hour off of this project.

We hope that you enjoyed this post.  Also, if you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to visit Grandma G’s blog so that you get inspired too.


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2 responses to “Bucket Hat Embellishment from Grandma G’s Awesome Blog

  1. That…. is quite interesting! I used to always want to learn to sew… and that would be quite handy when we visit the zoo for my daughter’s birthday. Definitely a thought. Thanks for sharing. ;P

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