Seven Ways to Celebrate Earth Day on a Budget

Earth Day on a Budget

Earth Day on a Budget

Earth Day is coming up soon. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could celebrate Earth Day in a way that was meaningful and affordable? Rock Bottom T-Shirts has seven ways for you today that could help you do just that. Follow along as we share seven tips that can turn your upcoming Earth Day celebration into a day filled with purpose and savings.

  1. Plant in Your Yard – One way that you could celebrate Earth Day is to plant seeds in your yard. There are a variety of items that you could plant in your yard. For example, you could plant trees, vegetables or flowers. To make this activity as affordable as possible you could simply use seeds from vegetables that are already in your home or you could collect seeds from already growing wildflowers.
  2. Make a Meal with Non-Processed Foods – You could head to your local co-op and buy unprocessed organic food without having to spend much money.
  3. No Driving – Going a day without driving is easier than you might think. To make this work you’d either need a bike or a nice set of walking shoes.
  4. Do Your Shopping Online – Another thing you could do is go for a day without doing any, in-person, shopping. As an alternative you could do all of your shopping online that day.
  5. Pick Up Litter – Picking up litter is a terrific way to remind yourself of the significance of the holiday.
  6. Donate –  You could donate to your favorite conservation and environmental preservation organization.  For a list of organizations, here’s a list of 25 environmental agencies.
  7. Participate – Chances are that there are events taking place near you.  So another terrific way to celebrate Earth Day would be to participate in an upcoming Earth Day event.   If you are unsure you can visit the official Earth Day website for local event information.

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We’d like to know how you’ll be celebrating Earth Day. Share your thoughts with a comment.

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