2012 Summer Fashion Trends

2012 Summer Fashion Trends

2012 Summer Fashion Trends

Today we wanted to highlight a YouTube video that shows what we should expect from 2012 Summer Fashion.  The video features fashion retailer H&M interviewing industry insider Indira Cesarine about the upcoming summer fashion scene.

It’s a very interesting video because in less than four minutes Indira manages to touch on everything that’s important in summer fashion.

We could summarize it if by saying that Indira referenced the following trends in 2012 summer fashion:

  • A heavy retro influence with new twist – Hollywood glamour revival (circa 1920’s)
  • An androgynous approach to style – boxy silhouettes for women’s tops
  • An emphasis on neutral color palettes – lots of creams and yellows

We could also say that the biggest takeaway from watching the video is that as you follow these trends, it’s always good to incorporate your own individuality into each style.

However, this video is so good that perhaps that wouldn’t be doing it justice.  So go ahead, watch the video yourself and let us know what you think!

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