When Coupons Are Not an Option – Four Coupon Alternatives

Coupon Alternatives

Coupon Alternatives

With the rise of shows like Extreme Couponing, saving money with coupons has become widespread.  However, retailers have caught on to the trend too and have adjusted their coupon fine print.  Except in doing so, retailers have made it more difficult to save money using coupons than in years past.

So today we’re going to cover four coupon alternatives that you can use to save money without ever having to use a coupon.

Loyalty Cards

When it comes to coupon alternatives, store loyalty cards are at the top of the list.  Store loyalty cards work in many different ways.  Many of them offer discounts on certain items in the store without the need for a coupon or a rebate coupon.

On the other hand there are cards that build up points and can be redeemed later, after you’ve reached a given point balance.  Some retailers, that also offer gasoline, will even let you redeem your point balance at the pump in the form of a discount.


Rebates offer consumers yet another way to save money.  Of course, with rebates there are certain rules and limitations that you need to observe; such as making sure that you’ve mailed them off by a certain date or include any requested items along with your rebate.

However, don’t let that prevent you from saving money that you’re entitled to.  The bottom line is that once you get your rebate check back in the mail, you won’t even remember how long it took you to fill out and mail in the paperwork.

Price Match Guarantees

Shopping at retail establishments that offer price match guarantees is another powerful technique that consumers often overlook in favor of other savings strategies.  Using this strategy does require that you do your homework before shopping, but doing so really pays off!

If one store has the same product as the one that you find at a different retailer, at a lower price, asking for the lower price can help you save money.  This strategy works especially well if you live in a large city where one side of town has lower prices than the side that you’re shopping in.

Store Brands

Although store brands tend to lack the pretty packaging of their name brand counterparts, they generally tend to offer similar quality.  And when you consider that you can save as much as 25% percent, just by buying a generic item of similar quality, you can see why this option is a great alternative to saving money with coupons.

Another way to save money, even if you don’t have coupons, is to shop at Rock Bottom T-Shirts.  How do you save money when coupons are not an option?  Let us know!

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2 responses to “When Coupons Are Not an Option – Four Coupon Alternatives

  1. Couponing has become the ultimate resource to saving money, largely in grocery shopping. As retailers are tending to up their game in how consumers seek to save money in shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories and on other items, saving money in that direction is being looked at quite differently. What surprises me is how they offer discounts if you spend a certain amount in order to be able to clame that discount. Example, save $25 on your order of $75 or save $75 on your order of $150. Victoria’s Secret and New York & Company of guilty of this one. But they offer clearance items that offer up other savings, and you may find a separate 40% sale if you follow the sales closely.

    I tend to go with stores that offer loyalty cards that keep on giving like Lara’s Closet. And sites that offer gift cards after you’ve spent so much with them. The savings tend to be significant. You mentioned the price gaurantee…definitely do your homework before challenging the retailer on this because not many of them offer it and those who do only offer it if the item was purchased from their store and that item went on sale. Walmart, however, from what I understand will honor a price gaurantee if you buy it there and see it for less somewhere else. HSN is one who will not.

    I am not an extreme couponer. But I do watch the bottom line of every dollar I spend. Really great post!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi there Rene`,

    These are all very good points!

    I thought what you said about retailers offering discounts on larger orders was very timely too, because we’ve been noticing the same thing.

    Just out of curiosity, how often do you find yourself taking advantage of offers where you have to spend so much to get deeper discounts?

    Thank you for stopping by again!

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