Neon Colors in 2012 Fashion – What’s the Verdict?

Neon Fashion

Neon Fashion - What's the Verdict?

Towards the end of last year we began noticing more and more articles predicting a spike in neon colors this spring.

Among them was a piece in the Fashion Trendsetter ezine that talked about neon colors titled, “Color Code: Neon“.

What we want to do today is take a look back and see if what the article says about neon is still valid today – almost a year later. Continue reading as we attempt to answer that question.

Although it’s a very short article, the Fashion Trendsetter ezine article said two things that were very insightful.

  1. That neon is back – in a major way!
  2. While in the 90’s the neon trend was directly tied to the alternative rock and grunge culture and thrived on the fringes of fashion, the current neon trend is more mainstream pop.

Neon Fashion Mentions in Social Media

Here’s a snippet of what we saw when we did a search for neon on Pinterest.  And just to reiterate this is just a tiny snapshot because the results seemed to continuously scroll on with no immediate end in sight. Neon Fashion on Pinterest

Here’s a quick screenshot from a similar search that we did on Twitter.

Neon Fashion Mentions on Twitter

Other Signs that Neon is a Safe Bet in 2012 Fashion

Seeing the social media trends made us investigate further by seeing which names, if any, in entertainment have co-signed on the neon fashion craze.

This recent photo of Beyonce clad in neon colors was one of the first of many pictures that we saw.

Beyonce Sporting Neon

Beyonce Sporting Neon. Image courtesy of Celebuzz!

If that’s not enough here’s something that seems to signify that not only are neon colors all the rage in mainstream fashion, but this trend may be far from reaching its peak.
Neon Fashion Trend According to Google

Neon Fashion Trends According to Google

So now we’d like to turn to you and get your opinion.  What’s the verdict on neon fashion?  And more importantly, will you be wearing it?

Have a great day and as you ponder these questions, we wanted to let you know that Rock Bottom T-Shirts does offer several items in neon colors.  For example, our Short Sleeve Women’s T-Shirt comes in Plum, Hot Pink, Raspberry and Cantaloupe.


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8 responses to “Neon Colors in 2012 Fashion – What’s the Verdict?

  1. Let me say that this is a great post. And while this is true in every aspect, I tend to think that neon brights have never really died down, simply took a back seat in previous years, but nevertheless, have been around for quite some time since before the 90’s.

    Neon colors to day, in 2012, are just getting their fair share of acknowledgement with far more fun ways to be expressed. Having stepped away from the genre it’s been so closely associated with. However I am happy to see that the fashion industry is giving neon colors good recognition in various styles we can all enjoy. I honestly believe we’ll see this as a solidly growing trend in years to come especially if celebrities are publically connected to the trend as celebrity trend setters of a different kind.

    As for the verdict itself, yeah, neon colors are definitely here to stay whether bright neon yellow or shocking hot pink or that bright lime green or piercing blue…this is a trend that is bound to stick around this time.

  2. Hi Rene, great points. You could be right about it not completely going away. Perhaps there have been pockets of consumers who never stopped wearing neon.

    But one thing that’s certain is that since mid-2011, it has been really difficult for neon colors to stay out of the spot light.

    What’s interesting though is that, as you’ve hinted at when you talked about how the fashion industry is providing enjoyable neon style, the big difference is how the fashion industry has handled neon this time around.

    It’s being offered in doses small enough for consumers not to get overwhelmed but just enough for consumers to want more. So you could very well be right in saying that neon fashion will be here for some time to come.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I like neon on nails but am careful about neon clothing.

  4. Neon clothing isn’t very appealing to me. I don’t mind it in small amounts, but I wouldn’t wear a full outfit based on it.

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