Pinterest – Three Ways Frugalistas Shop and Save on Pinterest

Frugalista's Shop Pinterest

Frugalistas Shop Pinterest

Until recently, it was rare that you heard the words “designer wardrobe” and “less” in the same sentence. However, owing to the current economic climate, this is simply no longer the case. As a matter of fact, the situation has completely reversed to the extent that today we rarely make any purchases unless there’s some opportunity to save money.

That’s where Pinterest comes in handy. Continue reading as we show you three ways the social media sensation, known as Pinterest, helps frugalistas build wardrobes for less.

Although Pinterest has only become hugely popular within the last year, the impact that it has already made on the worlds of fashion and shopping is enormous. It wasn’t until a few days ago when we saw a post on the Baby Gizmo blog about how one blogger uses Pinterest to be a better thrift store shopper that we finally began to “get it”.

Rock Bottom T-Shirts Fashion Color Board on Pinterest

Before we get into how frugalistas save money using Pinterest, we wanted to say something about how it works. If you’ve never used Pinterest before, here’s a simplified overview of how it works. Once you get a Pinterest account two of the most important things you’ll be doing are:

  1. Create boards – a board is a collection of similarly themed items that you’ve “pinned” from various websites.  After creating your boards, anytime you “pin” an image you have the option of saving (pinning) that image to one of your boards.
  2. Pinning photos – Pinning a photo is similar to saving the image, except when you pin something you are essentially placing it onto one of your boards.

Now that we’ve gone over some Pinterest basics, here’s what we’ve learned since reading Jessica’s post.

Helps Frugalistas’ Comparison Shop

One of the things we’ve noticed is a number of Pinterest users creating “comparison shopping boards” and using them to organize outfits that they plan on purchasing. Since Pinterest automatically highlights the price of any product (that publicly displays a price) that you pin, it’s a super easy way to visually arrange your “to buy list” by price.

Gives Re-Purposing Inspiration

In addition to comparison shopping you can also save money by simply recycling clothes that you already have in your closet. In this respect, Pinterest is a clothing re-purposer’s dream.

Since so many images of clothing crafts are pinned onto other people’s boards, it’s very easy for you to find inspiration in someone else’s clothing craft pin, that you can, in turn, re-pin onto your own board.

Create Highly Specific Shopping Lists

One of the things that we find interesting about Pinterest is that the act of pinning a nice outfit to a “virtual closet” of sorts, seems to satisfy the impulsive urge that we sometimes get to just go out and buy an expensive outfit.

This does two things – it allows you to build a focused wish list of clothes and it helps the user make less emotional buying decisions.

Do you use Pinterest to help you shop and save?  Tell us how by dropping a comment below!  Oh and while we’re on the subject of Pinterest if you liked this post please Pin It!


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