On the Verge – Do You Have a Craft Business or Is It Just a Hobby?

Craft Business or Craft Hobby?

Craft Business or Craft Hobby?

Recently we came across an amazing blog post that was written by Megan Auman of the Designing an MBA blog.  This post caught our attention because as a provider of blank apparel, we speak with a decent number of folks who are just on the verge of turning their t-shirt craft hobbies into full scale applique and embroidery businesses.

Continue reading as we share our thoughts on Megan’s, “Running Your Business Vs. Pursuing Your Hobby” post.

The timing on when we saw this post could not have been better.  We read it just on the heels of publishing our How to Monetize Your Crafts Hobby post.  Megan’s post reminded us that in addition to the logistical steps that are required to transform your crafts hobby into a business there are also some subtle but critical changes that you must make.

These less noticeable changes that every successful craft business entrepreneur has had to master, at some point, has more to do with how you see yourself and your business as opposed to what you do to your business.

It all starts with intent. We like the way that Megan addresses this topic through her definition of a craft business:

“A business is structured to make a profit, while the hobbyist sells primarily for other reasons.”

Megan continues by taking us into another insightful topic – perception. And as she did with her craft business definition, she takes a somewhat abstract topic and turns it into something easy to understand.  Here’s what we mean,

“You tell yourself, “Hey, I run my own business.”  You sell your products, so that must be true, right?  But as I learned from many of the responses to creating a culture of profit, many of us struggle with the idea of seeing ourselves as running a business.”

Perception and Presentation Matter for Your Craft Business

Perception and Presentation Really Do Matter

And Megan is 100 percent correct; how you view, present and get others to perceive your business can easily mean the difference between success or failure in the craft business industry – or any industry for that matter.

We’re going to wrap up this post with a short excerpt that illustrates this point a little better,

“When someone asks you what you do, how do you respond? Maybe you say, “I make jewelry,” or “I’m a jewelry designer.” But statements like that actually don’t help with the perception that you run a business and not just make jewelry as a hobby.”

If you’re considering turning your craft hobby into a business or if you’ve just made that transition, we’d highly recommend reading the entire post.


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5 responses to “On the Verge – Do You Have a Craft Business or Is It Just a Hobby?

  1. I really like this post. It’s so on point. I make body creams, bubble bath and massage oil, so talking to people when they ask me what I do when I’m purchasing quantities of bottles of oil, I find that there is a distinct difference in talking about it as a hobby versus a business. The tone is simply different, but if it’s as a business and a hobby combined, there is the sense of passion that pours into it. It’s a love for what you do and the ability to share it with others on both a personal and business level. I love making body creams and bubble baths, and my massage oils. I enjoy watching my customers rave about the products. I love the overall feedback and I’m often inspired to come up with different products based on many suggestions. I also recommend reading that entire post. It’s very though provoking. You can monetize your hobby without sacrificing your love and passion.

    • Hi there Rene`! Good to hear from you, thank you for stopping by!

      “You can monetize your hobby without sacrificing your love and passion.”

      You’re absolutely right, we’re glad that you pointed that out. Because there is a misconception out there with some crafters where feel that they have to stay small in order to maintain their integrity.

      However, like you have pointed out if you build your brand around an idea that you feel strongly about, then your craft business will reflect your personality and be able to grow at the same time.

      Thank you for stopping by and we’re glad to hear that you enjoyed the post!

  2. Yeah.. good points. I don’t think any of my hobbies will become business, unless I hit it big with a book. I love making bracelets and such, but I wouldn’t go into a business for it. But that only shows how hard it really can be because of the mind set that goes with it. Glad you guys pursued and are doing well! Whoo!

    • Hi YMD, thanks for the kind words.

      Very true, the mindset is probably the area where a lot of folks stumble.

      But the good thing about it is that once you get that part taken care of the rest can be more or less a downhill battle.

      As far as a book, if you did that would be so cool. If you ever do publish one please do let us know! Thanks again!

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