For Fashionistas – Three Must Have Mobile Apps

Three Mobile Apps for Fashionistas

Three Mobile Apps for Fashionistas

If you love staying on top of the latest in fashion trends and news you’re going to love today’s post.  That’s because today we’re covering three mobile apps we believe are must-have apps for every fashionista to stay on top of her wardrobe. Continue reading as we share what makes these apps so special!

Before we unveil the apps, we wanted to share the criteria we used to select these apps.

  1. The apps must work on at least two mobile platforms, those platforms being Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).
  2. The apps must be original.
  3. The apps must be helpful in planning or designing our own wardrobes.

Here are the three apps, in no particular order. Girl (Android, iOS)  – This app is like three apps in one.  It helps you organize your closet, plan your outfits and shop. To organize your closet, simply take pictures of your clothes using your iPhone or Android powered mobile device.

Once you’ve added your closet the app does its magic by helping you organize your clothes into categories.  This makes it easier for you to create new outfits out of clothes that you otherwise might have never considered pairing.  Alternatively, you can use use the app to help you shop around the items that are in your closet.

Trendstop AppTrendstop (Android, Blackberry and iOS) – This one is definitely for serious core fashion addicts.  This app is like having a fashion runway, a style news outlet, a trend forecaster and a color analyst at your finger tips.

While this is the only app that we’re highlighting today that isn’t made for instant shopping, it’s probably the best place to go for fashion advice when you’re on your mobile device.

kaleidoscope fashion inspiredKaleidoscopeFashion Inspired (Android, iOS) – This app combines fashion inspiration with a shopping app.  Think Pinterest meets Polyvore on a mobile device.  However, unlike Pinterest the images aren’t user generated.  Instead Kaleidoscope’s fashion editors scour the fashion world themselves so they can share them with you.

Then when you click “shop the look” you are able to instantly buy something that looks very similar to the article of clothing you clicked.

We’ve just covered three must-have apps for fashionistas.  Question: Are you currently using any of these apps? If not which fashion apps do you currently use?  Drop us a comment and let us know!

Image Credits: Stylish Girl and Trendstop app images by Google Play and Kaleidoscope image by the iTunes Store.


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5 responses to “For Fashionistas – Three Must Have Mobile Apps

  1. Hi love your blog and liked it too. Do take a look at my blog too

    • Hi FMW! As a matter of fact, we love your blog. Just finished reading something from one of your contributing writers. Very insightful content. Thank you for stopping by and commenting too!

  2. I love the Shopstyle app!

    • Hi Bargain Diva! We’re glad that you stopped by, actually that was one of the apps that inspired this post.

      We’re glad you mentioned it because the only reason that we didn’t mention it was that it’s not on Android.

      Thanks for commenting!

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