Craft Business – Does Your Craft Business Really Need a Blog?

Do You Need a Craft Blog?

Do You Need a Craft Blog?

If you’re a craft lover, running a craft business can be a fulfilling undertaking. This is especially true if you have tons of business coming in day in and day out.

But what if you run a craft business but don’t have a steady stream of orders ? Today we’re going to answer that question and while we answer that one we’ll also be answering another very important question – “does your craft business need a blog?”  

Making Your Craft Business Visible

Making Your Craft Business Visible

Visibility is a Must

In order for you to reach the point where large numbers of customers come to you every month you either have to be doing major advertising or you need to be really well-known. But if you don’t have a big advertising budget and if you’re not the most popular person in industry circles, you usually have to find ways to go out and bring in business.

Becoming an Authority

Become the Crafting Authority

Become the Authority on Crafts

As long as you have the ability to go out and find business, then you’re ok. But the problem is that as soon as you stop your promotional activities business usually stops too. Fortunately, there is a way around this – you have to become an authority in your particular craft niche.

By becoming an authority in your craft niche, you essentially become a beacon for anyone seeking the types of crafts that your business provides. Of course, we’re assuming that you already have the intangibles in place – like a really good product, great service, etc.

But if you already have that and you’re able to become that person that others turn to when they have questions about crafts, then they will also come to you when they’re ready to buy. The good news is that building a craft blog can help you do this.  Here’s how:

You Can Build Authority through Your Blog

Building Authority through Blogging

Just by regularly updating your blog with informative craft posts you go a long way towards having your readers see you as an authority. Additionally, over time this also helps the search engines view your blog as an authority in your craft niche.

The key in building your authority through blogging is to consistently publish content that’s entertaining and informative.

Blogging Can Develop Relationships

Blogging can Develop Relationships

One of the best things about blogs is that they allow you to build relationships with people who you’ve never had to opportunity to meet. With time the relationship you build with your readers can blossom into customer relationships, media relationships and genuine fan relationships.

While building relationships usually stems from readers commenting on your blog, it can also happen as a result of them contacting your through your contact form , them adding you as a friend on their social networks or from you commenting on their blogs.

Your Blog can Help People Find You

Blog Improve Your Visibility

Since search engines tend to prefer directing searchers to site’s that are updated regularly, blogs tend to come up high in most search results. Likewise, since readers like sharing great content, having a blog gives your audience the opportunity to share your content with a very large pool of people.

When you combine these  factors, it’s clear that a blog is one of the best ways for your craft business to get found online.  We hope that this post has been helpful.  Do you have a craft blog?  Has it helped your business?  Let us know by commenting below.

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