How to Pack

How to Pack

Knowing How to Pack Can Save You Majorly

Guest Blog Post Written by Sarah Paige

Travelling is exciting. It’s easy to jump straight into thinking about what activities you are going to do and what sites you want to see, but there’s a very important intermediary step between you and your destination: packing.

There are some who are super-prepared and begin packing, or at least thinking about packing, weeks in advance, and there are others who simply toss things into a suitcase the night before. But whether you’re organised or spontaneous, going overseas or just somewhere local like Vale Avely, WA, these packing tips are sure to be helpful.

Where are you going? Your destination plays an important part in deciding what to bring. If you’re going somewhere with pools or beaches, then definitely pack your swimsuit.

If you know you’re going somewhere fancy (like the opera or a nice dinner), bring fancy clothes. You don’t want to get stuck with nothing appropriate to wear, or having to buy new clothes at the last minute.

Planning for the Weather

Keep the weather in mind. Whether you’re travelling overseas, interstate, or even just the next city over, keep in mind that the weather could vary immensely.

Check the forecast before packing, or find out if there are any known changes in weather so you’re not caught in a snowstorm with a bathing suit and a bunch of shorts, or in the blistering heat with only sweaters, long johns, and jackets.

How long are you going for? If you’re going for a weekend, you don’t need to pack an entire large suitcase; on top of being cumbersome to carry, most of it will stay untouched in the bottom of your luggage.

In fact, depending on what you’ll be doing on your trip, you could probably get away with filling a backpack with a couple of shirts, pants, underwear and toiletries. Inversely, if you’re going to be away for a longer period, make sure you pack enough clothing to last you your stay, but try not to go overboard.

Keep it under the limit. If you’re flying, make sure you check what your maximum baggage weight is and weigh your luggage before going to the airport. Taking extra baggage can be super-expensive, depending on which airline you’re travelling with, and it’s particularly wasteful if you’re paying extra for things you don’t even need to bring along.

The important thing to remember is that you are going on a holiday; you’re supposed to be getting away from your daily life, not bringing it along with you.

Sarah Paige is a travel expert currently living in Vale Avely, in Western Australia, until her next intrepid adventure.

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  1. Everybody should read this post! You don’t know how true this is! This is what gets me about people who don’t plan their packing accordingly based on where they are going and the length of their stay. Oh my God! When I am expected to be away any given time, I take into consideration 3 important and key elements. First, how long I’m going to be away, second, what I’m going to be doing while I’m there, and third, where I’m going. These key elements I always go by when I am traveling because I a believer of planning ahead and planning accordingly. For example, I just came back from a weekend in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party. Everyone knows that going to Las Vegas this time of year, the weather can be sticky hot. So, I packed according to the weather, daytime activities, entertainment and whatever extra. I had an outfit set out for wearing to Las Vegas, an outfit to change into to wear during the day and to lunch, after I checked into the room, and showered; I had an outfit to wear out to the club later that evening, and I had an outfit to wear home. It doesn’t stop there, though. I did pack three extra outfits and two pairs of shoes. I call it my emergency and alternative outfits…in case I spilled something on what I was wearing I had something to change into, or if I didn’t like the outfit I was wearing I had options. If I didn’t agree with the outfit I wore to the club, I had something else to change into that looked just as hot; if I didn’t think the shoes worked with the outfit, I had something else to slip into…again, I had options. And I took at least four pairs of under clothes. Trust me, there is nothing like being prepared for unexpected situations.

    I was taught at an early age that it’s always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard. For a weekend getaway I take a duffle-like bag which can hold my shoes, clothes, toiletries, hair care, makeup bag, and my curling iron. It’s not too big, not too small, but big enough to carry on the bus and/or plane, and in this care I took the Greyhound bus. Over packing can bog you down. You end up taking too much stuff especially if you’re just going to be away a few days. You only need the essentials plus a little extra to cover those unexpected situations. The thing to making sure you have enough room in packing, too, is folding your clothes small enough so that everything fits compact. My friend was shocked at how much I had in my bag and still had room for a bottle of wine for us to enjoy while we were on the trip. And the other key factor to packing and making sure I have everything I need, I pack well in advance…anywhere from a month to two weeks before I am scheduled to leave. Last minute packing leaves too much room for mistakes and you’re bound to leave key items behind, finding yourself spending unnecessary money purchasing them when you get to where you’re going. Why go through that? Packing in advance can save you tons of times and money, and you experience less of the stress and headaches.
    Need toiletries? I always get mine from the dollar store or the 99 Cent Store. This includes toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion, body wash and deodorant. Costs less than $7 as opposed to getting these items from Rite-Aid, CVS or Walgreens where you’re going to spend a little more. The dollar store and the 99 Cent Store are the best places to go for toiletries.
    Next time you’re traveling, read this post, and remember the three key important elements.

    1) Where you’re going
    2) How long you’re going to be there
    3) What you’re going to be doing while you’re there and plan your packing accordingly.

    Great post!

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