Celebrities and Fashion – Who Wins?

Celebrities and Fashion - Hillary Swank

Last year we did two posts one called, “A Mystery of the Ages: Which Exerts the Most Influence on the Other-Society, Art, or Fashion?” and another called, “Do You Know How Clothing Trends Are Started?“. Both posts dealt with the question of how fashion trends begin.

Today’s post continues this discussion by focusing on the dynamics between celebrities and fashion.

It’s certainly no secret that celebrities have a tremendous impact on the fashion industry. The topic that often comes up isn’t how it happens or that it happens but rather is it something the fashion industry should encourage.

So today we present you with the pluses and minuses of this relationship between celebrities and fashion.

Celebrities Influencing Fashion – The Pluses

Celebrities and Fashion - The Good

  • Celebrities Benefit – Celebrities benefit when fashion publications mention the type of outfit they are wearing.  Namely because they need to stay on the public’s mind to ensure they remain relevant.
  • Profitable Fashion Media Industry – Fashion publications love the connection between celebrities and fashion because this connection attracts readers.  And more readers translates into more advertising.
  • Generates Product Sales – There is a substantial amount of evidence suggesting by attaching a celebrity’s name to a bottle of perfume or a pair of jeans the manufacturer will sell a lot more of those products.
  • Designers Get Noticed – Whenever there’s a televised award ceremony for famous actors and actresses, fashion designers benefit by getting free publicity and having their name connected to a well-known and liked celebrity.

Celebrities Influencing Fashion – Minuses

Celebrities and Fashion - The Bad

  • May Hurt Self-Esteem – Some feel that the media’s obsession with celebrity fashion sends the wrong message to young women.  They say that it’s a message emphasizing physical appearance over substance.
  • Over Shadows Designers – Over the last five to six years, we’ve seen more incidents where the celebrity wearing the designer piece got more attention than the outfit they were supposed to be promoting.  This has led to several fashion venues banning celebrities from attending or sitting in the front row.
  • Difficult to Compete – Since entertainers already have mainstream recognition they don’t have to work as hard as non-famous designers to sell products.  This makes it harder for designers to compete.

Other Considerations

Celebrities and Fashion on Polyvore

Celebrities and Fashion on Polyvore. Image by Stylemom

There are signs that social tools such as Pinterest, Kaleidoscope and Polyvore heighten this trend even more because many consumers use these tools to model their wardrobes around celebrity inspirations.

Essentially, this says that it’s the consumer’s demand to emulate celebrities driving the relationship between fashion and celebrities.

Furthermore, in the zero sum game of fashion media it’s not easy for publications to simply stop publishing pieces about celebrity fashion because this means the publications that do publish the celebrity features would likely sell more copies.

So, who wins? We’ll let you be the judge; drop us a comment and let us know.


Image Credit: Original Amelia background image by Made in Hollywood.

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