TFL’s Autumn – Winter 2012/2013 Color Trends Summary

TFL 2012-2013 Autumn Winter Color Trend Report

TFL 2012-2013 Autumn Winter Color Trend Report

With summer not quite here yet, we thought it would be fun to peer into the future to see what color trends autumn/winter 2012/2013 has in store for us. To do that we’ve turned to TFL’s Autumn – Winter 2012/2013 Colour Trends report. To sum it up, we should expect to see a continuation of several themes.

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The TFL Autumn – Winter 2012/2013 Colour Trends report indicates that we will see the fashion industry continue to emphasize bright colors and vibrant prints and patterns – albeit in a different manner. One of the things that makes this color trend report unique is how TFL conveyed this information.

They did it by breaking the report and color palettes up into up into two sections – living and wearing.  They indicated that the Wearing section reflects trends for garments, footwear and accessories. Likewise, the living section represents colors that correspond to interior design.

The Wearing Palette

TFL 2012-2013 Autumn Winter Wearing Palette

After reviewing the palette we feel that the Wearing Palette could best be described as an Earth tone palette. We come to this conclusion because of this palette’s predominance of grays, reddish browns and chestnut browns. Also, if you look at the images TFL provided that show these colors occurring in a natural setting, you’ll notice that the colors almost merge into one another, like an iridescent surface.

It’s no wonder that iridescence is a cornerstone of this color palette.

Here’s how TFL summarizes the Wearing Palette:

“For billions of years mother nature has been working 24 hours a day. So why not adapting this approach to companies? To create, for example, fashion collections that recreate their own colours, iridescence and texture and are at the same time able to work in different situations – without any problems.”

Translation for Wardrobes

When you begin shopping for autumn and winter wear, remember to focus on Earth tones. For extra flair you can pair neutral outfits with accessories in the boldest Earth tones. A key color in this wardrobe will be green onyx.

The Living Palette

TFL 2012-2013 Autumn Winter Living Palette

Although the Living Palette doesn’t neatly fit into a singular category it could best be described as a fusion of spring and winter color elements. We say that because at first glance the colors could almost be mistaken for water colors. However, at second glance you can catch an ever so faint hint of crisp contrasts – like the colors you might expect to see in a winter forest.

This pop of bright colors almost gives the palette a comic book feel. Other qualities that this palette carries are that the colors have a slight sheen to them and they will most like appear in bold patterns.

Here’s what TFL says about the Living Palette:

“A geometric pop art motif and countless variations of textile designs including stripes and cashmere, as well as large and small squares move trough next winter´s living collection. The whole interpretation of this style lies in the elaboration of sartorial flair.”

Translation for Interiors

If you plan on adapting your interior for the upcoming autumn/winter season, then you may want to look in the direction of Victorian furniture or Victorian inspired. Namely because this furniture embraces the bold patterns that we’ve referenced earlier in this post and also because of it’s shimmering surface.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this color trend summary.  Drop us a comment to let us know how you feel about these colors.

Image Credit: The Wearing Palette and The Living Palette images are courtesy of TFL.

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