Spring – Summer 2013 Color Review – Based on the TheUltraBright Forecast

2013 Summer Fashion Color Forecast

2013 Summer Fashion Color Forecast

We’ve got a brand new color trend summary for you today. It’s the Spring/Summer 2013 Color Forecast by TheUltraBright (TUB).  Continue reading to find out next summer’s color trends.

This color trend summary promises to be different from the previous summaries that we’ve done for two reasons.

  1. The color trend report that we’re featuring today is so unique.
  2. This is the first color trend report we’ve seen that didn’t categorize its colors into palettes. Surprisingly, this did not hurt TUB’s forecast.

In fact, not separating colors into palettes seems to have made this color trend report the strongest we’ve seen so far. Perhaps it’s because by not focusing on palettes and other abstractions, TUB can focus solely upon the trends themselves.

Today we’re going to highlight the trends that we felt stood out the most in the forecast and encourage you to visit the site to view the full forecast.

Standout Color Forecast

TheUltraBright Summer 2013 Color Forecast

TheUltraBright Summer 2013 Color Forecast. Image by TheUltraBright

The first thing that caught our attention about the report was their explanation of what’s driving spring/summer 2013 color trends – washed out bright colors of the 90’s. Since neon colors began making their way back into mainstream fashion two summers ago, the 90’s has been driving current fashion trends.

However, we’ve reviewed several 2013 spring summer color forecasts and TUB’s report was the first we’ve seen make the connection between the washed out colors of the 90’s and what we’re beginning to see now-faded soft colors. If TUB’s forecast is accurate, next summer could be the season where designers trade in bright colors for softer more subtle palettes.

The Trends

2013 Summer Colors - Raspberry

2013 Summer Colors – Raspberry

Pink and Raspberry– Next summer we should see these two colors making a strong comeback. This is interesting because pink represents a youthfulness that we have not seen in fashion since the 90’s.

Particularly, this color could become an important element in high fashion products.

Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Pale Green | Rock Bottom T-Shirts

Neutral and  Uncommon Shade of Green

Unique Shades of Green  – Typically, we are accustomed to seeing more of a pure green showing up on fashion runways. However, TUB is predicting dusty greens and an early spring green that has more yellow in it for next year’s runways.

Neutrals – Beginning with this past fall season we have been noticing more palettes trending towards neutrals. However, this trend could actually reach a peak during the spring/summer of 2013, although with a broader range of neutrals than what we’re accustomed to seeing.

2013 Summer Color Trends Electric Blue

2013 Summer Color Trends Electric Blue

Deep Blue– The deep blue hues that TUB is forecasting are hues that you don’t often see in spring/summer fashion. These are more like electric shades of blue that almost remind us of Tron: Legacy.

Toddler Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Yellow | Rock Bottom T-Shirts

Toddler Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Yellow

Sulfur Yellow – Sulfur yellow is more of a citrus yellow, not like a lemon but more like something that is more rare in the fruit arena – a yellowish orange.

In closing, if the TUB forecast is accurate, next summer could represent a major shift in fashion colors.

By the way, do you remember the washed-out colors that showed up on jeans and other garments in the 90’s? How do you feel about their upcoming return? Let us know and thank you for reading joining us today.


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2 responses to “Spring – Summer 2013 Color Review – Based on the TheUltraBright Forecast

  1. Worth reading. Any prediction to the end of the reign of the black t-shirt?

    • While the black t-shirt will always be popular, I think we have a few more years until something is the “new black”. A lot of color theorists predicted that Navy would be the new black this year, but we just haven’t seen it pan out that way.

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