How Our Attitudes Can Prevent Us from Saving Money – And How to Change It

What's the Relationship Between Your Attitude and Your Savings?

What’s the Relationship Between  Attitude and Savings?

So many of us, as consumers, are ready to start saving money or that’s what we tell ourselves.  We will read every financial website on the internet in an attempt to understand what needs to be done to save money. We learn how to spend more frugally,open a savings account, etc., but somehow still find ourselves in the same position as before. So, why are we still unable to save money?  Here is the reason…

It’s all about your attitude. We make and break promises to ourselves all the time. I’ll start my diet tomorrow and will just have this one cookie today. I’ll call the plumber tomorrow; I won’t wait until the entire basement is flooded. I have time. I’m still young. I’m healthy. We give ourselves every excuse we can think of to hold off what needs to be done for one more day. Because, let’s face it, the future isn’t far away.

But that’s just it, the future isn’t far away. So if you continue to delay doing what needs to be done, one day turns into one month and one month quickly becomes a year.  And we all age so at some point in our lives we all will reach a point when we will need to rely on our savings more than we should rely on our jobs. To stop this cycle we must all reassess how our views affect our spending.

Consider what motivates you to spend more than you save. Then determine the changes that you must make to turn things around, even if it hurts in the beginning. Set a goal for yourself around what you want and how you plan to achieve it. Next, put it on a time line and strive to make those dates. A better car, a more comfortable home to enjoy, better healthcare, a bigger retirement cushion so that you don’t have to face the hardships that many of our elderly are forced to contend with today. With small changes in your attitude today, your savings can flourish tomorrow.

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