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The Difference Between Using Online Vs. Printed Coupons – Two Valuable Options

Saving Money with Print vs Online Coupons

Print vs Online Coupons

Saving money matters more than ever and there are plenty of people out there who are doing all they can to save cash.

By far, the most popular option is coupons.   Before you begin using coupons you should know that there are two main types-online and printed. Continue reading

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Fun Family Crafts For Your 4th of July Celebration

Looking for some 4th of July crafts the family can enjoy? We did all the looking for you and found some great ideas. These are so easy, anyone can join in.

Show Your Spirit with Independence Day T-Shirts

Designing festive T-shirts is something fun that everyone in the family will surely enjoy! We found this fun and easy project on KidsCraftsOnline. Click on the link to get more directions on how to do this exciting craft!

You will need:

  • T-shirt and/or tank from Rock Bottom T-Shirts
  • Red, white and blue fabric paints
  • Star shaped sponges
  • cardboard
  • plastic bowls for the paint

The How To>> T-Shirt Craft Tutorial

Accessorize With Fun Button Bracelets!

Maybe you don’t need a T-shirt since you already have what you’re going to wear for the neighborhood cookout or to the fireworks show. While you wear your red, white, and blue attire, you can spruce up your outfit with a few 4th of July button bracelets! You can use any buttons that you have on hand. The buttons don’t all have to be the same size. Using different types, colors, and sizes makes every bracelet one-of-a-kind!

Make this awesome accessory to complete your Independence Day outfit!

The How To>> Button Bracelets


DIY Independence Day Home Decor

For those of you that love to decorate their homes by making things, I have the PERFECT thing for you! A decorative wreath made from T-shirts, it is so cute! This is something that would look great on a front door for all the arriving guests or even inside your home for a patriotic decoration!

You will need:

The How To>>  Craftaholics Anonymous T-Shirt Wreath

What do you think?  Will you be trying any of these projects at home? If you do, post pictures of your crafts on our Facebook page. Likewise, if you have any tips or other projects that you’d like to share with us, please let us know by commenting below.

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How to Stockpile Groceries without Going Overboard – Bulk Buying on a Budget

How to Stockpile Your Groceries

How to Stockpile Your Groceries

When you’re saving money there are several steps you can take to help cut your expenses.  Many people have found big box stores that sell bulk items or the clever use of coupons can help them save a bundle in the long run. Continue reading


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Summer to Fall Fashion Transition – Changing With the Seasons

Summer to Fall Transition

Summer to Fall Transition

When it comes to fashion, trends and styles change right along with the seasons.  But figuring out the secrets behind summer and fall fashion wear isn’t really hard to do.  The seasons may change and the fashion trends may change along with them, but your stylishness doesn’t have to change in the least.

If you can keep a few basic rules in mind concerning summer and fall fashion then you’ll find that the transition between the two is easy. Continue reading

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Three Ways to Celebrate Independence Day on a Dime

Independence Day on a Dime

Independence Day on a Dime

Few holidays have the same sense of pride that Independence Day can bring.  Celebrating the birth of our nation can be so much fun.  However, if you’re really focusing on saving money, the Fourth of July can represent a bit of a challenge.

On one hand, you don’t want to spend much money, but you still want to have fun.  Luckily, it’s easier than you think to save money on the 4th while still enjoying the holiday.   Here are three things to keep in mind. Continue reading

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Four Fashion Colors that Will Never Fail You – Knowing your Styles

Colors You Can't Do WIthout

When it comes to fashion, there’s more to looking great than just the style of dress or pants you’re wearing.  Fashion colors play a huge role in how you look, as well.  Knowing the best colors to choose is important.

Today we’ll be covering the four never-fail fashion colors, so continue reading to learn more. Continue reading

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Summer Fashion Trends Alert – What to Wear this Summer

Summer Fashion Trend Alert

Summer Fashion Trend Alert

On June 20,2012 spring will be over and summer will officially be here.  We can expect this time of year to have plenty of sunshine as well as our fair share of new fashions.

However, as much fun as summer wear brings, it’s still important that your summer wardrobe reflects the current summer fashion trends.  Fortunately, summer fashion experiences more of a gradual change, with last year’s styles slowing fading in popularity instead of winking out of existence.

Likewise, it’s also good to know that some trends just never go out of style.  Here’s a look at what to wear from now until fall.

Continue reading

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